Eric Musselman Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian? Ethnicity

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Renowned basketball coach Eric Musselman has been the basketball coach for several professional and college teams for over three decades. As a result, sports fans in the United States are always curious to know everything concerning him, most recently his religion and ethnicity.

However, Musselman usually refrains from engaging in conversations involving his personal life.

He only likes discussing basketball publicly and avoids speaking about his family life to the media. Nevertheless, his fans are searching for whether he is Jewish.

What religion does he follow? Has he ever spoken about his faith? Read this article further to find out!

American Collegiate Basketball Coach Eric Musselman
American Collegiate Basketball Coach Eric Musselman (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Eric Musselman is an American collegiate basketball coach currently working as the head coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Starting his career in the late eighties, Musselman became the CBA team Rapid City Thrillers general manager in 1988. A year later, he became the head coach of the team at just 24.

Aside from coaching the CBA teams, NBA teams, and several college teams, Musselman has coached a few national men’s basketball teams, including the USA, Venezuela, and China. 

Eric Musselman Religion: Is He Jewish Or Christian?

Eric Musselman was born to his parents, Bill and Kris Musselman, on November 19, 1964, in Ashland, Ohio.

Speaking of his ethnicity, he is a White American. Although both his parents were born and raised in the United States, he has European roots.

Basketball Coach Eric Musselman
Basketball Coach Eric Musselman (Source: Arkansas Fight)

Furthermore, seeing his surname, one might think of Musselman as Jewish, but it is still uncertain.

As he does not like discussing these matters with the public, details about his religion are under blinds. Moreover, Musselman has never uploaded anything celebrating any festival with his family, although he often posts family pictures.

People with his last name, originally from South Germany and Switzerland, were primarily Protestants. So, he might be a Christian.

However, there is no substantial information on this matter, so one cannot say he is a Christian.

Eric’s Dad, Bill Musselman, Was Also A Basketball Coach

Eric Musselman’s dad, Bill, was also a basketball coach. In fact, he and his dad are the first father-son duo to become the head coach in NBA history.

Speaking more of Bill, he was one of the five kids of Clifford Musselman and Bertha Combs. Although his dad had no athletic background, Bill began playing basketball, football, and baseball from a young age.

When his mother married James Miller, he started living with his mom. Despite being a stepdad, James raised Bill as his kid and remained influential in helping him progress his sports career.

Eric Musselman's Dad Bill
Eric Musselman’s Dad, Bill (Source: Times Union)

Bill attended Wooster High School, where he was the school’s second-best all-time leading scorer until his graduation in 1958. He later played collegiate basketball for Wittenberg College.

He started his coaching career in the sixties, serving as the head coach for the Kent State University High School. Musselman then coached several teams across various competitions, including NBA, CBA, NCAA, and ABA.

Unfortunately, Bill passed away following a stroke on October 30, 1999, in Rochester, Minnesota. He was working as an assistant coach for the Portland Trail Blazers at the time.

Besides, Bill had two other kids with his wife, Kris.

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