Erin Matson Salary And Net Worth: How Rich is UNC Field Hockey Coach?

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Erin Matson Salary: The newly appointed head coach is estimated to earn more than $50,000 every year as a base salary.

Matson, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, stood out as a player and achieved the status of a hockey champion.

As a head coach at such a young age, people are curious to learn about her and her net worth.

Matson On Karen Shelton Stadium
Matson On Karen Shelton Stadium (Source: Instagram)

Erin Matson was born on March 17, 2000, to Brian Matson and Jill Matson in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, United States. Growing up in Pennsylvania, she began playing field hockey as a child in 2006.

Playing as a midfielder, Matson graduated from Unionville High School in 2018 but committed to playing collegiate field hockey at the University of North Carolina.

Moreover, Matson debuted in Chapel Hill and, over the course of her time there, achieved the status of one of the most decorated athletes in North Carolina Tar Heels history.

Every season she played at Carolina, she earned recognition as the ACC Player of the Year and ACC Offensive Player of the Year.

After Karen Shelton retired in January 2023, Matson became the head coach of the Tar Heels.

Erin Matson Salary And Net Worth:

Erin became the 6th head coach in UNC hockey history, replacing Karen Shelton, the NCAA’s winningest coach.

During her start as a player, Erin began playing with a monthly earning of $7,000.

She transitioned from being the best field hockey player in school history to becoming the first-year coach of her old team.

Furthermore, Erin became a young coach driven by her enthusiasm and love for challenges. She declares her love for pressure and professes to be obsessed with it.

Erin Matson Talk And Coach Her Team
Erin Matson Talk And Coach Her Team (Source: News Observer)

She always maintained that attitude, for everything, for as far back as she could remember.

While still in elementary school, Matson competed against girls who were much older and stronger.

Now, she embarks on her journey with the Carolina hockey team, Matson earns a base salary ranging from $60k to $100k per year.

The university solidified its commitment to Matson through a five-year agreement worth $550,000.

Moreover, as a player for many years and now as a coach, Erin has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million.

Matson Family: The Athletic Family

Erin Matson hails from an athletic family where both her mother and father used to play sports during their young age.

Not only are her parents athletic, but her sibling and boyfriend are also athletic individuals.

Her mother, Jill Matson, played softball and field hockey for the Yale Bulldogs at Yale University.

Similarly, her father, Brian Matson, played baseball for The Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens baseball team at Delaware University.

Moreover, Erin Matson has a brother named Sean Matson, who is a baseball player and plays for the Harvard Baseball team.

Erin Matson And Ben Casparius
Erin Matson And Ben Casparius (Source: Instagram)

Matson is romantically involved with Ben Casparius, a pitcher who plays in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

Her boyfriend, Casparius, a baseball pitcher, is part of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization and is in a relationship with Matson.

According to both of their social media handle, Erin and Ben officially started dating in 2019.

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