ESPN Michelle Smallmon Age & Wikipedia: More On Her Husband & Family

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The well-recognized host of ESPN Radio, Michelle Smallmon has made big career strides at a young age.

Covering soccer, basketball, football, and more, for more than a decade, Michelle is a household figure for American Sports fans.

The success not only comes from her dedication and hard work but also her supportive family.

ESPN Michelle Smallmon
ESPN Michelle Smallmon (Source: ESPN)

In just more than 15 years of her professional career, Michelle has climbed up the ladder to be one of the prominent names on ESPN.

The tales of the professional career and personal life of the journalist are quite captivating and inspirational.

ESPN Michelle Smallmon Age And Wikipedia

The ESPN media presenter Michelle Smallmon is currently 37 years of age.

Additionally, she was born on August 13, 1986, in the state of Illinois, United States.

It is a testament to her skill and ability to engage the audience through her presentations that she has achieved so much success in the media space at such a young age.

Not only that, she has been a prominent figure in American Sports broadcasting for almost 15 years.

The ESPN host hails from her birthplace in Belleville, Illinois. Standing at 5’7”, she is regarded as a charming and witty journalist by fans.

In terms of her personal life, she is active on Instagram. She shares pictures from her holidays, vacations, and media day moments on the social media platform.

Michelle Smallmon ESPN Career Chronicles

Starting her career in 2006 as a news production assistant in St. Louis to reaching the heights of ESPN Radio, Michelle’s career has been quite the journey.

Additionally, she gave four years to 101ESPN in the earlier part of her career, spanning from 2009 to 2015. During this time, she played a major role in producing and hosting various noteworthy shows on the station.

Michelle Is An Avid Baseball Fan
Michelle Is An Avid Baseball Fan (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Michelle has appeared as a reporter for the MLS, XFL, and college basketball. This shows the wide range of fields she has in her resume.

Currently, she is the co-host of ESPN Radio’s prominent morning show, airing from 6-10 a.m. ET. This is after Smallmon re-joined the national ESPN Radio network in 2022, focusing primarily on contributing to weekend programming.

Dating Life, Family, And More

The popular ESPN radio host is not married and is single by all reports as of now.

Additionally, although she shares pictures of hanging out with friends and family on Instagram, she chooses to keep her dating life under wraps.

In terms of her family, she was born to her parents, father Tony Smallmon and mother Robin Smallmon.

As the only child of the couple, she has certainly managed to make her parents proud by succeeding in her career.

In a candid interview, Michelle shared how emotional her parents were after finding out she had landed the role in ESPN.

Undoubtedly, her parents have played a key role in her professional career and personal life.

Michelle Smallmon Dad, Tony Smallmon
Michelle Smallmon Dad, Tony Smallmon (Source: LinkedIn)

Additionally, she lamented on childhood memories of going to sports games with the family.

“When I was a little child, I was always with my dad. He was a big sports fan. He took me to baseball games and forced me to keep score!” 

In terms of his career, Michelle’s father Tony is a Broker Associate with the Barber Murphy Group.

A licensed real estate broker, Tony is a prominent name in the housing sector of the state of Missouri.

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