Esteban Olivero Famille (Family): Father Gilles Olivero And Mother

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Esteban Olivero famille find out about his demise on December 23. At only 22, Esteban achieved great success and earned the respect of his peers.

This year was one of the best for Esteban in his professional career. The youngster won the French mountain running champion title and had two trail successes. 

Esteban Olivero Pictured Crossing The Finishing Line At The Skymasters 2023
Esteban Olivero Pictured Crossing The Finishing Line At The Skymasters 2023 (Source: Instagram)

He won the Grand Trail des Ecrins (34 km) course and also won the Austrian round at Hochkonig of the Skyrunner World Series. Esteban also came out on the top at the Automnale des Hautes-Alpes trail, over 26 km.

Olivero’s love for athletics began at age ten and had competed in several cross-country tournaments. In 2021, he won his first selection for the French mountain running team for the U18 World Cup. 

Esteban Olivero Famille (Family): Dad Gilles Olivero And Mom

Esteban Olivero’s famille is currently mourning the loss of his life. Olivero’s family hasn’t given any statement regarding his demise. 

The promising French trail racer Esteban always had the support of his father, Gilles Olivero. In an interview, the 16-year-old Esteban talked about his dad’s backing in his career. 

Before forging his career in trail racing, Esteban was interested in mountain biking. But his father Gilles told him to switch to trail running.

At first, Gilles told Esteban to start cross country. When the interview was taken, Gilles worked as a PE teacher at Cabass College in Roquebrune-sur-Argens. 

Gilles Olivero Was The One Who Encouraged His Son To Start Trail Running
Gilles Olivero Was The One Who Encouraged His Son To Start Trail Running (Source: Facebook)

He said his son has good support, good endurance, and loves the mountains. Gilles added Esteban would make a good trailer when the distances lengthen and the elevation changes. 

Gilles is available on Facebook but isn’t very active on social media. On his Facebook bio, Gilles has given a link to his YouTube channel, but he hasn’t shared any video since October 2022.

Esteban’s love for running stems from his dad, whose YouTube videos are filled with him traveling to various countries and hiking and running.

There’s not much information available about Esteban’s mom, and the trail runner hasn’t previously spoken much about his family. 

Esteban Olivero Accident: Young Runner Dies In Fatal Fall

Esteban Olivero’s accident has come as a shock to many. He died on December 23 after a ski tour went wrong while he was training in the Hautes-Alps.

His friend alerted the emergency services after Olivero didn’t return from his skiing trip. The French Athletics Federation released a statement after the authorities announced his demise. 

The Federation wrote, “Today it is the entire trail community in France and elsewhere which mourns the death of an athlete highly esteemed by his peers.”

Esteban Olivero Pictured With His Friends After He Won The Hochkonig Competition
Esteban Olivero Pictured With His Friends After He Won The Hochkonig Competition (Source: Instagram)

The team further wrote, “Esteban will leave a great memory. A runner recognized for his talent in full effort but also during the post-race moments, his smile and infectious good humor made him a much-appreciated comrade.”

The President of the Alpes-Maritimes Department, Charles-Ange Ginésy, paid his tribute. Ginésy took to X (formerly Twitter) to write, “He was one of the most promising young French prospects, passionately attached to our mountain of Mercantour where he had gained his notoriety in numerous competitions. 

“Taken from life far too early, at 22, I express to his parents, family, friends, and all the athletes who knew him with warmth, friendship, and respect. My deepest and very saddened condolences.”

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