Euro 2020: Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic

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first match of Scotland in the men’s 23-man final ended tragically after Patrik Schick’s mid-goal goal helped the Czech Republic make a thrilling Euro 2020 defeat in Hampden.

Schick’s goal, which added to his first game in the first half, put the festival’s spirit with a substantial impact on Steve Clarke’s side.

An estimated 9,000 fans have seen Scots hit the bar amidst a host of opportunities. But the first explosion across the team stage already looks daunting.

Scotland is now heading to Wembley for greater demand for positive results against blazing England. However, before their team’s campaign comes to a close with Croatia in Glasgow next Friday.

It was a day a generation of fans thought they would never see again. For those in their 20’s and younger. They are Seeing Scotland on a stage like this was welcomed for the first time.

While the built-in entertainment lasted for hours when fans arrived in Hampden, there was a nervous breakdown everywhere. There are some things Euro 2020 branding can’t hide.

From the group bus arriving videos, the news that Kieran Tierney was injured, nerves were colliding everywhere.

The start of the buildings from the Scots has worked. To stabilize the ship in the middle of the arena attacking the national stadium full quarter full.

Scotland demolished the blocks.

John McGinn‘s first shot caused a commotion from the crowd. All the running and crossing from Andy Robertson, the crowd stood on their feet.

However, little by little, when the Scots were forced to retreat, the Czech fears and confidence grew. 

David Marshall was forced to save prematurely, warning of what was to come. Clarke’s side came back with the courage and conviction that the team had been brave in two shooting games to get here.

Patrik Schick double sees off Scots at Euro 2020 (Source: Sky Sports)
Patrik Schick double sees off Scots at Euro 2020 (Source: Sky Sports)

Robertson also had a left run with a cross. The Dykes should have done better in the first attempt. And Robertson was denied a finger by Tomas Vaclik, which caused a commotion in the stands.

But as the game looked set to go awry during the break, a gunshot rang out. The corner has almost been removed, and only the Scots are close.

Vladimir Coufal filled the space and time on his side. His delivery was met by Schick, who moved his head home. At the same time, being distributed between Liam Cooper and Grant Hanley.

Che Adams was introduced during the break and made a difference, but not before Marshall saved Scotland twice just seconds after a restart.

Scotland met again.

An effort from Jack Hendry flooded the bar while Hampden opened it. They did just that again as the consent of Tomas Kalas was smashed out over Vaclik, who had just recovered to remove it.

If only Marshall would have done the same three times in time. Hendry’s attempted driving was charged, and Scotland was severely exposed.

The ball crashed into Schick in the middle lane. And the Bayer Leverkusen man no longer looked up as his amazing shot hit Marshall. 

Scotland could not beat Czech Republic (Source: STV News)
Scotland could not beat Czech Republic (Source: STV News)

After that, Hampden was very quiet. And the sound of his net hit could be heard.

Strangers often came looking for a lifeline anything else. Armstrong’s effort was tied up just above, while Dykes approached twice.

Switch the air at Wembley?

Undoubtedly, the news of Tierney’s “giggles” and subsequent absence had a profound effect. Of all the puzzles of choice, his involvement was not considered doubtful.

Clarke is undoubtedly made to turn things around, and with spells, the Czechs are in charge of the game. 

However, the Scottish midfielder was made useless, Dykes struggled to lift the ball while blocking Robertson’s handcuffs. There was an apparent lack of scope for the Scots.

Adams’ launch has made a huge difference, and he’s definitely in the first line on Friday. Will this result bring further change to the system and staff?

Adams, Ryan Fraser, and James Forrest brought the much-needed flexibility ahead of the break. As a result, Clarke now has many decisions to make on a night out on holiday in London.

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