Is Fernando Alonso Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

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Many fans envy the two-time Formula One World Champion Fernando Alonso’s thick, healthy, and voluminous hair. It has led to constant rumors and speculation about whether it is all-natural or the result of extensions or hairpieces.

Fernando Alonso is an incredibly accomplished racing driver from Spain with many noteworthy accomplishments to his name.

He has achieved numerous victories, including winning the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship twice with Renault in 2005 and 2006.

Fernando Alonso Posing for Picture (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, he has driven for other top teams such as McLaren, Ferrari, and his current team, Aston Martin.

Alonso has also been incredibly successful in endurance racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice with Toyota in 2018 and 2019 and the FIA World Endurance Championship in the 2018-19 season.

Furthermore, he won the 24 Hours of Daytona with Wayne Taylor Racing in 2019. It helped cement his status as one of the most versatile and successful racing drivers in recent history.

Is Fernando Alonso’s Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

Over the years, Fernando Alonso’s hairstyles have been a subject of discussion and speculation among fans and media alike.

Many fans envy Fernando Alonso’s thick, healthy, and voluminous hair. It has led to constant rumors and speculation about whether it is all-natural or the result of extensions or hairpieces.

However, it is widely believed that his hair is authentic and not artificially enhanced in any way.

With his stylish and graceful demeanor on and off the track, Fernando Alonso has truly mastered the art of experimenting with various hairstyles.

Fernando Alonso Hair (Source:

Alonso knows how to rock anything from a neat and tidy crop to a messy hair flow.  Alonso’s unique flair for fashion makes him a true icon in the racing world.

Some racers find that wearing a helmet during races can result in hair loss or receding hairlines due to the consistent friction and pressure on their scalps.

In the case of Fernando Alonso, it’s clear that he takes good care of his hair and overall appearance.

His healthy routine might have helped him maintain his youthful looks and full head of hair throughout his career.

Whether sporting a casual or formal look, Alonso’s hair always looks flawless and perfectly groomed.

His hair has undoubtedly made him a true fashion icon in the motorsport community.

Alonso’s Controversial Saudi Grand Prix and Response to Taylor Swift Dating Rumors

In March 2023, Fernando Alonso found himself at the center of controversy during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Initially, he had finished in third place, but stewards demoted him to fourth after ruling that his team had worked on his car while he was serving a five-second penalty.

However, Alonso’s team successfully argued that there were examples of drivers not being penalized under similar circumstances, and the stewards ultimately agreed, reinstating him to third place.

Moreover, at the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix qualifying, Alonso finished 6th, just behind Mercedes Petronas’s Lewis Hamilton.

Furthermore, recently, rumors have been circulating that Alonso is dating pop icon Taylor Swift. The pop superstar has just ended her six-year-long relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Fernando Alonso Taylor Swift (Source: Instagram)

And fans were quick to speculate about a possible romance between her and the Formula One driver.

In response to these rumors, Alonso posted a playful TikTok video featuring Taylor’s song “Karma” playing in the background.

Alonso looked up from his phone and winked at the camera, signaling he was in on the joke.

It was a lighthearted way for him to address the rumors, revealing that Alonso has a sense of humor about the situation.

His skill on the track may define Alonso’s career. But this recent incident showed that he can handle controversy and rumors perfectly off the track.

Whether he and Taylor are dating or not, one thing is clear: Alonso knows how to keep things interesting, both on and off the racecourse.

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