Floyd Mayweather Children & Grandson Kentrell Jr. Shadowboxing

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During the early 90s to the mid-2000s, Floyd Mayweather Jr. had a relationship with actress Josie Harris, with whom he had three children: Koraun, Zion Shamaree, and Jirah. However, their relationship was marked by turmoil and various incidents.

Apart from his children with Josie Harris, Mayweather also has a daughter named Iyanna Mayweather, also known as Yaya, from a relationship with entrepreneur and television star Melissa Rene Brim. Yaya was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 20, 2000.

Furthermore, Yaya has a half-brother named Devion Cromwell, who was born to Melissa Brim from a previous relationship. Devion, born in June 1996, is Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s stepson, as Floyd adopted him as his own.

In 2005, Josie Harris filed a battery case against Mayweather Jr. but later withdrew the charges.

Floyd With His Kids
Floyd With His Kids (Source: Essentially Sports)

However, in 2010, despite no longer being in a relationship, Mayweather Jr. was arrested on charges of domestic violence based on a complaint from Harris. In December 2011, he received a three-month sentence from the court.

Ultimately, Mayweather Jr. served a reduced sentence of two months, from June 1 to August 3, 2012, before returning to his boxing career.

Sadly, due to an accidental drug overdose, Josie Harris passed away on March 10, 2020, eight years after Mayweather Jr.’s arrest. Her untimely death was a source of great sadness and loss.

Koraun Mayweather

Koraun Mayweather, born on November 7, 1999, attended West Ranch High School in California before pursuing a music career.

He released his first single, titled “King Koraun – RCK$,” on May 31, 2018, which has gained close half a million views.

Koraun is actively present on various social media platforms. His YouTube channel, “King Koraun,” was created on December 5, 2017, and has garnered nearly 3.43k subscribers.

On Instagram, his handle @kingkoraun boasts over 300k followers. He frequently shares pictures showcasing his luxurious lifestyle.

Iyana Mayweather 

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather, known as Money Yaya, was born on May 20, 2000.

She completed high school at fifteen but delayed accepting her diploma. Yaya released a single in 2018 and dated rapper NBA YoungBoy, with whom she had a son Kentrell Jr.

She pleaded guilty to stabbing YoungBoy’s baby mama in 2020 and received probation. She has over a million followers on Instagram.

Grandkid Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

Kentrell Gaulden Jr. is the son of Iyanna Mayweather and rap star NBA YoungBoy, born on January 9, 2021. 

His name was announced to the media on January 21, 2021. 

Floyd Mayweather’s grandson Kentrell frequently appears in public with his parents.

As a matter of fact, just recently, one of the clips of him shadowboxing in what appears to be a kitchen went viral on social media.

On February 17, 2021, he made an appearance on his mother’s Instagram account during a live video. 

He has siblings named Kayden, Taylin, Kamiri, Kacey, Armani, and Kodi.

Zion Shamaree Mayweather, born on March 3, 2001, attended West Ranch High School.

Unlike his siblings, he pursued a career in fashion and design, launching his own clothing line called “Philthy Rich Boys.”

He received a Mercedes worth $78,000 on his sixteenth birthday and has gained popularity on social media with over 232k followers on Instagram.

Jirah Mayweather

Jirah Mayweather, the only daughter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Josie Harris, was born on June 20, 2003.

She attended West Ranch High School and is active on YouTube and TikTok.

Jirah Mayweather
Jirah Mayweather (Source: Instagram)

With over 263k followers on Instagram (@jirahmilan), she shares pictures showcasing her lifestyle. Her career plans are currently undisclosed.

Devion Cromwell

Floyd Mayweather Jr. adopted Devion Cromwell, born in June 1996, from his former girlfriend Melissia Brim’s previous relationship.

Devion identifies as an entrepreneur and shares his travels on Instagram (@kingxcromwell) with approximately 20k followers, showcasing photos from exotic locations around the world.

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