Former Mankato Hockey Player KC Mckillip Obituary And Death

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KC Mckillip Obituary: The hockey community was at a standstill when former Mankato player KC Mckillip peacefully passed away in his sleep.

Mckillip was well-known to many as the supervisor at the All-season arena. He lost his life on Monday, November 27, 2023. 

Mckillip had a wife, Emily, and shared four children with her. Several community members have decided to come together and organize a Meal Train to help Emily and the children raise money.

KC McKillip During One Of His Fishing Trip
KC McKillip During One Of His Fishing Trips (Source: X)

KC Mckillip was a familiar figure to many in his community in Mankato. Moreover, many players have acknowledged how significant Mckillip was to the arena.

Mckillip was well-known for being a stand-up guy, a good father, and a loyal husband. Moreover, he served the All Seasons Arena for over three decades, ensuring the rink stayed top-notch.

Additionally, McKillip was a huge Maverick fan. Moreover, according to Des Christopher, the professional goaltending coach, Mckillip loved goalies.  

Everyone close to McKillip will miss him dearly. Moreover, the fans have been pouring in and sending condolences to the family. 

KC Mckillip Obituary

Those who knew Mckillip knew that he loved his family, his wife and kids, and to fish. If he loved anything more than his wife and kids, it was hockey.

Mckillip unabashedly loved hockey. Many players have expressed grief about his passing, stating that the rink will not be the same without McKillip. 

KC McKillip With His Wife Emily
KC McKillip With His Wife Emily (Source: Meal Train)

To his friends and family, Mckillip was a ray of sunshine in their lives. He was full of love and laughter, spreading it like wildfire anywhere he’d go.  

Unsurprisingly, his death has garnered much attention, and fans have poured in with their message of condolences. 

Minnesota State Women’s Hockey’s X, previously Twitter, profile read,” We join the rest of the Mankato hockey community in mourning the loss of KC Mckillip.”

Additionally, it read, “For more than two decades, we have been privileged to skate on ice prepared by KC at All Seasons Arena.”

Mckillip is survived by his wife, Emily, and four children. Emily is a special ed paraprofessional at West High School. 

Moreover, everyone in their community appreciates the love and support that she shows for the children at her school.

Consequently, community members have set up a Meal Train for the grieving widow and her children to raise $10,000. 

According to reports, his family and friends have successfully raised $9,820, and they hope to reach their goal soon.

Furthermore, the community has urged its members to show the same love and support as Mckillip and his wife have for all these years.

Remembering Mckillip And His Legacy

While many in the hockey community may have overlooked Mckillip, there have been some for whom he was an integral part. 

Some reports suggest that McKillip was a hockey player and played for the Mankato East team in high school.

Remembering KC Mckillip
Remembering KC Mckillip (Source: Daily News)

Unfortunately, his stats and records are not available. Because of this, it is tough to speculate how big of a player he was.

Following the news about his unfortunate and untimely demise, Mankato West Hockey has offered condolence to the deceased’s family via their Twitter (now X) account. 

The post read, “KC loved his wife and Kinds first and foremost, but hockey, All Seasons Arena, and Musky Fishing followed a close behind.”

Additionally, Jeff Giesen, the Associate Head Women’s Hockey Coach for the Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks, retweeted the Minnesota State Women’s Hockey post to offer his condolences. 

Furthermore, he retweeted Mankato High School’s Adaptive Floor Hockey CI team’s post. The post stated,

“KC played hockey for Mankato East and has been a dedicated worker at All Seasons Arena for decades since.” 

It further appeals to its followers to help his wife, Emily, and her children via the Meal Train.

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