France Bottle Group Lead: Hungary 1-1 France; Euro 2020

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In one of the most intense football matches, Hungary have come out with a point against World Champions France.

Group F leaders France went head to head against bottom side Hungary and were unable to come out with a victory.

Hungary showed immense determination to survive and either win or get a point.

The match took place at the Ferenc Puskas Stadium in Hungary. 

France looked to capitalize on their win against Germany with a victory at Ferenc to get three point lead against Portugal.

Hungary started their Euro 2020 with a 3-0 defeat to Portugal and were looking to improve on their performance.


Hungary Get Hope For Qualification

The Hungarians were in full force at the Ferenc Stadium. Having a home advantage, Hungary dominated right from the start.

Despite showing immense determination to score goal, the French defense was difficult to penetrate.

Apart from some chances, France actually dominated more, with more possession and passes.

However, they were unable to break the back three of Hungary.

The Hungarians were slowly progressing by threatening the France goal but were just able to have a total of five shots.

Out of those shots, three were on target.

Biggest surprise of the match came right before the end of the first half.

Attila Fiola shot the ball near post which Hugo Lloris couldn’t save and was converted into a goal. 

This sent shockwave all around the stadium and stunned the French players along with their supporters.

The entire half-time team talked changed for both sides.

France Bottle Group Lead

In order to counteract the one goal deficit, Didier Deschamps made several changes to the lineup.

Ousmanne Dembele, Olivier Giroud, all came in the second half to give more attacking power to France. 

On the 65th minute, Hungary got a free kick which landed straight into the arms of Hugo Lloris.

The GK then launched the ball forward towards the Hungarian goal post. Only two defenders were left to defend.

The ball bounced and the Hungarian defenders decided to let the ball move past them towards Peter Gulasci.

Kylian Mbappe was chasing the ball and took the good fortune of the bounce to cross the ball.

Hungary tried to clear the ball but instead it fell into the path of Antoine Griezmann who then put the ball into the back of the net.


Antoine Griezmann Scores To Level The Score For France
Antoine Griezmann Scores To Level The Score For France

With this, the game was tied to a 1-1 score line. 

Didier Deschamps brought in Corentin Tolisso as well as Thomas Lemar to increase his chance of winning the game.

Hungary defended with their lives on the line to protect this precious point.

Mbappe had another chance to give France the lead but his left footed shot was saved by Gulasci. 

Looking at the stats, it actually looks like the French side forgot their shooting boots back at home.

Out of fifteen shots, they only could convert four on target. These stats are really poor for World Champions. 

With this draw, they currently are just one point above Portugal who have a game in hand.

Had France beat Hungary they would have six points but as a result of this match, they just have four.

Can Portugal Or Germany Go Top Of The Group?

Defending champions Portugal will go head to head against Germany in the second match of Group F.

Portugal are currently in second with three points while the Germans are last without any points.

If Portugal beats Germany then they will go top of the table and will secure their place in the round of 16 of the competition.

However, if Germany take victory then they will go level on points with the Portuguese and the final spot for automatic qualification will be decided on the final match day.

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Aaditya Bhatta

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