Fraser Bohm Mug Shot: Pepperdine Crash Driver Arrested And Charged

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Fraser Bohm Mug Shot: Malibu resident Fraser Bohm is making news headlines after his rearrest for killing four college students on October 17, 2023.

Previously, the police had arrested the perpetrator immediately after the crash took place, but they later released him, citing the lack of evidence.

However, the Malibu police took him into custody again after a week of his release. Initially, his bail amount was set to $8 million, but the court reduced it to $4 million during the hearing on Wednesday.

Fraser Bohm
Fraser Bohm (Source: SportsRecruits)

Fraser Michael Bohm, better known as Fraser Bohm, was born to his parents, Chris and Brooke Bohm, in October 2001. He had just turned 22 a day before he crashed his car into the young Pepperdine students in Malibu.

A highly-rated baseball prospect in his high school, Bohm played pitcher for the Oaks Christian School until he graduated in 2020.

However, he reportedly left playing baseball after school. Unfortunately, with his involvement in the recent car crash, Bohm’s life has taken a different turn.

Although he pleaded not guilty to the charges pressed on him in the recent court hearing, most evidence goes against him, which is most likely to land him in prison. With his case still pending in court, let’s see how it goes.

Fraser Bohm Mug Shot: Car Crash And Arrest

Fraser Bohm, the former Oak Christian School’s baseball pitcher, was arrested for murdering four young college students on October 17, 2023.

The unfortunate incident took place in the 21600 block of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on October 17, 2023. Bohm lost control of his car and hit several parked cars before crashing into four pedestrians walking down the street.

Aside from four deaths, the accident also resulted in the injury of two other individuals.

Officer Interrogating Fraser After The Accident
Officer Interrogating Fraser Bohm After The Accident (Source: Daily Mail)

The police arrived and arrested him immediately on the scene, charging him with gross vehicular manslaughter. But they later released him due to insufficient evidence.

After a week of his release, the police rearrested him, this time charging Bohm with four counts of murder and four counts of gross vehicular manslaughter.

However, his lawyer, Michael Kraut, claimed on Wednesday’s court hearing that his client was himself a victim of a road rage incident. He added that Bohm’s vehicle only ran into the ladies after he was chased by another car.

Kraut said, “We’ve actually been able to track down who this person is and the person admitted to a family member to driving him off the road.”

Know More About The Victims

The victims of the Malibu car crash were all young students of Pepperdine University who were only in their early twenties. Currently, in their senior year, they are pursuing degrees in Liberal Arts.

As per the reports, they were a 20-year-old Niamh Rolston and three 21-year-olds, Asha Weir, Deslyn Williams, and Peyton Stewart.

One Of The Malibu Car Crash Victims Asha Weir
One Of The Malibu Car Crash Victims, Asha Weir (Source: LinkedIn)

Following her daughter’s death, Asha Weir’s mom, Vinita, expressed her grief, saying, “I miss her and don’t know how to do life without her.”

She also said that Asha had planned to work in the U.K. after graduation.

Similarly, Peyton’s dad, Barry, said that he is going to miss her terribly, and her friends and family also feel the same. Similarly, Niamh’s dad said that his daughter was a lovely human being, way too talented, who took part in cheerleading and gymnastics.

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