Frederik Andersen Girlfriend: Is He Dating Anyone?

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There is no doubt that ice hockey’s been the first love of NHL player Frederik Andersen. But what about his love life? Does Andersen have a girlfriend?

Although fans speculate that he could possibly be dating, it’s definitely not Hillary Knight.

Anderson, an ice hockey goaltender, currently plays for the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL after signing a two-year contract in 2021.

Previously, he played for Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Frederik Andersen Posing Infront Of The Goalpost
Frederik Andersen Posing Infront Of The Goalpost (Source: Instagram)

Although the Hurricanes selected him in the seventh round (187th overall) in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, they were unable to reach an agreement.

As a result, he re-entered the draft & became the 87th overall pick of the Ducks in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

Talking about other sports, the hockey player is also interested in boxing, he had mustered his friends to dress up as boxers in the Halloween of 2015. 

He also loves music, the blonde-haired hockey player who shares some resemblances with Ed Sheeran dressed up as him for another recent Halloween.

What’s The Tea On Frederik Andersen’s Girlfriend?

Although there is no concrete evidence to support the fact that Andersen has a girlfriend, netizens are going crazy over one theory that claims that he is dating a female hockey star. 

She is none other than the ice hockey forward with the PWHPA and the United States women’s national ice hockey team Hillary Knight.

Ever since the couple appeared together on ESPY’s red carpet, there have been mass speculations that they are dating.

However, the couple has not shared any images of themselves together, leading many to assume that they have split up.

Frederik Andersen With His Wrongly Alleged Girlfriend Hillary Knight
Frederik Andersen With His Wrongly Alleged Girlfriend (Source: Twitter)

Even though that sounds fun, we are here to spill the REAL tea on this matter. Andersen is very secretive about his love life and he is not showing any signs to come forward with it any time soon. 

Hillary on the other hand has come out claiming she is a lesbian. She is currently dating the ice skater Brittany Bowe which started in 2022 as per sources. 

Knight has posted a picture of them together on her Instagram. 

So we can definitely not put a pin on Knight from now on when discussing Andersen’s girlfriends. 

Meet Frederik Andersen Parents Ernst Andersen And Charlotte Andersen

Andersen was born into the household of his father Ernst Andersen and his mother Charlotte Andersen in Hernin of Denmark.

The couple is blessed with a daughter and three sons which includes Andersen

His father, Ernst, was a goalkeeper in the Metal Ligaen for seventeen seasons and also a  goaltending coach for Herning Blue Fox and the men’s national ice hockey team of Denmark.

Frederik Andersen With His Father
Frederik Andersen With His Father (Source: Twitter)

Even his mother played hockey at a certain point in her life when she was back in Denmark.

Being surrounded by a hockey family while growing up, Andersen had dreams of one day competing for the community team rather than the NHL.

Ironic as it may sound, but being a goalkeeper himself, Andersen’s father didn’t want the player to be a goalkeeper.

His mother recalls, “As soon as the player could walk, he got his first skates. And expressed his desire to be a goalkeeper”.

She adds, “But his father said No!”.

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