Gabby Golf Girl Age And Net Worth: Meet Young Golf Instructor

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Gabby Golf Girl, the young golf instructor, has captivated numerous golf enthusiasts and young players with her exceptional talent in the sport at such a tender Age.

Gabby Golf Girl, a golfer, Instagram star, and social media celebrity based in the United States, gained widespread fame through her engaging golf videos posted on various social media platforms.

As a young individual, the player has achieved status as a top golfer and endeared themselves to many fans.

Gabby The Golfer And Social Media Influencer
Gabby The Golfer And Social Media Influencer (Source: Instagram)

DeGasperis reportedly began playing golf for fun at the age of 2. By age 5, three years later, she was participating in golf tournaments.

Her father, Ron DeGasperis, a seasoned golfer himself, recognized her potential and took on the role of her first coach.

All these efforts quickly paid off as Gabriella’s talent in golf became more polished.

At age 10, Gabriella initiated her participation in Junior-level tournaments, dominating local and regional scenes.

Likewise, at 13, she achieved new heights of success in golf by setting a record for Girls Varsity Golf while competing at Plantation Preserve.

Moreover, Golf Girl competes under the banner of Trump National Golf Club Westchester.

What Is Gabby Golf Girl Age And Net Worth?

The Golf Girl’s actual name is Gabriella DeGasperis. She adopted the moniker Gabby Golf Girl on her social media, gaining fame under that name.

Gabriella DeGasperis was born on October 26, 2007, in Bronxville, New York, United States.

As of 2023, Gabby is 16 years old and set to graduate from high school in 2026.

She was in eighth grade when The Neersyde featured Gabriella “Gabby Golf Girl” DeGasperis in October 2021.

However, she was already playing on a Varsity Golf team and held the second position on it, being one of just two middle school girls to make it to the team.

Moreover, Gabriella isn’t just a high school golf player; she also works as a social media influencer.

Ten Year Old Gabby In Tournament
Ten-Year-Old Gabby In Tournament (Source: Twitter/ X)

Gabby boasts 108k subscribers on YouTube, 233k followers on Instagram, and 10.5k on TikTok.

Most of her content revolves around playing golf or instructing on the game’s rules.

She is primarily recognized for her smooth swing on the course. Additionally, she adeptly takes suggestions from her fans to her.

As of 2023, her net worth is approximately $75,000, primarily generated through her participation in tournaments and her influence on social media.

DeGasperis Family: Parents, Siblings

Gabriella DeGasperis resides with her family in Briarcliff Manor, New York, a suburban village between the Hudson and Pocantico Rivers in Westchester County.

The DeGasperis family consists of four members, including Gabby.

While Gabby’s father is Ron DeGasperis, her mother’s name remains unknown.

Moreover, like her mom and dad, Gabby has a brother named Mikey, who makes appearances in many of her videos.

Young Gabby Golf Girl With Her Parents
Young Gabby Golf Girl With Her Parents (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, whenever Gabby discusses her family, she expresses gratitude for their support in propelling her to where she is today.

“My mom also helps me emotionally,” Gabby said in an interview.

She continued, “But my dad helps me because he knows everything about it.”

Even though her father modestly labels himself as an average golf player, Gabby regards him as the best player, attributing her own success at such a young age to his influence.

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