Gabe Kapler Wife: Who Is He Married After Lisa Jansen?

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MLB Jewish superstar Gabe Kapler was married to his wife of 14 years, Lisa Jansen. After a certain turn of events, Gabe and his high school love, Lisa, parted ways a decade ago. 

Gabe has remained out of the dating scene ever since. Similarly, there have been no reports of him being in a relationship or having married anyone.

San Francisco Giants Manager Gabe Kapler During A Match
San Francisco Giants Manager Gabe Kapler During A Match (Source: Instagram)

Gabriel Stefan Kapler was born on July 31, 1975, in Hollywood, California. Often dubbed “Kap” in the realm of MLB, Gabe Kapler is a former professional American baseball outfielder.  

Gabe was a 57th-round draft pick by the Detroit Tigers in the 1995 MLB draft. Prior to his retirement, he had stints with several clubs, including Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and many more.

Furthermore, after hanging his boots as a player, the Israeli national basketball team appointed him as the coach for the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Likewise, in 2020, MLB powerhouse San Francisco Giants signed Gabe as their manager. He rose to the occasion, leading them to an unprecedented franchise-record 107 wins and the NL West title the following year.

In recognition of his tireless efforts and his remarkable role in the team’s success, Kapler was named the 2021 National League Manager of the Year.

To top it all off, ESPN, a renowned sports media, described him as “an analytically savvy, outside-the-box thinker who also relates well to players.

Gabe Kapler Wife: Who Is He Married After Lisa Jansen?

Despite much speculation, Gabe Kapler has not been involved in a matrimonial relationship after his ex-wife Lisa Jansen.

The 48-year-old San Francisco manager is currently single and is not dating anyone.

Gabe Kapler Son Chase Kapler
Gabe Kapler Son Chase Kapler (Source: Instagram)

Diving into the past, Kapler and Lisa met in Kapler’s senior year of high school. Eventually, Kapler married his high school sweetheart, Lisa Jansen, after seven years of dating.

In their early married life, the couple lived in Tarzana, California, with their children. Later on, they moved to Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

Even though the marriage looked perfect from the outside, the couple separated in 2013. To this day, the reason for the divorce is unclear, but it is believed that the two parted ways on amicable terms.

Gabe Kapler Kids

Gabe, with his ex-wife, has two children together: the eldest, Chase, 23, and the youngest, Dane, 21.

Chase Kapler is a versatile professional in the field of software development. According to his LinkedIn, he is a full-time Software Engineer by profession. 

Chase, who possess a wide range of skillset in the programming field, has worked as a React Native Development Lead and Class Director previously.

Likewise, Dane, the No. 33, plays collegiate football at the University of British Columbia as a running back.

A Jewish Hero In The MLB

Kapler comes from a bloodline of Jews, so he is a Jewish. Because of his heritage, and his long ball hits and muscular built, he was given the nickname ‘Hebrew Hammer’. 

Former Baseball Professional Gabe Kapler
Former Baseball Professional Gabe Kapler (Source: Instagram)

This nickname was later passed on to other Jewish MLB players, such as Ryan Braun.

On August 8, 2005, Gabe Kapler’s name was forever etched in the books of history while playing for the Red Sox, setting a “record” along with Kevin Youkilis and Adam Stem for the most Jewish players on the field at one time in American League history.

Likewise, Kapler was the winner of the 2008 Jewish Comeback Player of the Year award.

In 2018, Kapler became the eighth Jewish manager in MLB history. He added, “That’s something I take great pride in….. I’m very interested in my heritage, and I’m very proud of who I am.”

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