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Gabriel Bonfim Wikipedia: Gabriel Bonfim competes as a professional mixed martial artist in the UFC welterweight division.

His fans and competitors regard the pro-MMA fighter as an undefeatable martial artist.

UFC Fighter Gabriel Bonfim
UFC Fighter Gabriel Bonfim (Source:

Despite the lack of details about the education of the 26-year-old, sources claim he is a college graduate.

Marretinha debuted as a pro-MMA athlete on December 13, 2014, fighting his first professional match against Santos.

Bonfim secured victory over Santos in the second round by submitting him with a triangle choke.

Furthermore, what truly sets him apart is his record of 15 wins and one loss, showcasing his unbeaten status in the sport.

Bonfim rigorously trains at Cerrado MMA in Brazil to maintain his competitive edge. 

The 6’1″ Gabriel stands out for his remarkable striking prowess, and his striking skills have become his signature.

Gabriel Bonfim Wikipedia: Family, Nationality

Gabriel “Marretinha” Bonfim was born in Brasília, Distrito Federal, Brazil, on August 20, 1997.

Bonfim is a Brazilian citizen of mixed descent and follows Christianity as his religion.

He grew up in Brasília and started practicing martial arts in the same country, successfully achieving a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Moreover, Gabriel grew up with his brother Ismael Bonfim.

Similar to Gabriel, Ismael is also a pro-MMA fighter, competing in the highly competitive lightweight division.

Both the Bonfim brothers are strong competitors in the MMA world, having trained together since childhood.

Gabriel Bonfim And Brother
Gabriel Bonfim And Brother (Source: Distrito do Esporte)

The MMA fighter is adept at preserving a sense of privacy, notably choosing not to divulge details about his parents.

On his Instagram, a platform often flooded with personal revelations, he strategically focuses on sharing his professional achievements, leaving fans and media to speculate about his relationship status.

Bonfim, the reigning MMA champion, has not just conquered the octagon but also amassed an estimated net worth of $500k.

This financial success stands as a testament to his triumphant journey in the world of MMA and his growing stature as a sports personality.

Bonfim Loss: UFC Sao Paulo

Up until the recent UFC event in Sao Paulo, Gabriel had been hailed as an undefeated force in the professional MMA realm, boasting a pristine record of 15 wins and 0 losses as of November 4.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn when Nicolas Dalby orchestrated a remarkable comeback, securing a second-round TKO victory over the seemingly invincible Bonfim.

This marked Gabriel’s first professional loss, sending shockwaves through his devoted fan base.

Post-match, a disappointed crowd of Bonfim supporters expressed disbelief at witnessing their undefeated hero fall.

Dalby, in response to the upset fans, asserted that Gabriel’s skills had been underestimated. He acknowledged Gabriel’s talent but insisted that he had not yet been truly tested.

Nicolas Dalby After Win Against Gabriel
Nicolas Dalby After Win Against Gabriel (Source:

According to Dalby, his experience played a pivotal role in securing the win.

While recognizing the admiration for Bonfim’s abilities, he believed there was more for Gabriel to learn, citing that he had studied a few of Bonfim’s fights before their encounter.

The aftermath of the match stirred varied reactions.

While some fans casually dismissed it as just a game, others were left genuinely baffled.

Gabriel’s unblemished record, once standing at 15 wins and 0 losses, was now amended to 15 wins and one loss, marking a significant shift in his professional trajectory.

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