Mike Breeden Wikipedia And Age: All About The UFC Fighter

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Mike Breeden Wikipedia: Mike Breeden might still be a new name for many MMA fans, but he has been active in the scene for years. With his recent win against the Indian debutant Anshul Jubli in a UFC match organized in Abu Dhabi, fans are curious to know more about him.

Despite being a famous MMA fighter, Mike has no Wikipedia page. As a result, information about his personal and professional lives is scarce.

However, in the article below, we have attempted to bring forth all the relevant info about the UFC fighter. Please read it till the end to know all about him.

American MMA Fighter Mike Breeden
American MMA Fighter Mike Breeden (Source: Instagram)

Mike Breeden is an American MMA fighter competing in the UFC’s lightweight category since 2021. Out of seventeen matches, he has won 11 matches, among which he had eight knockout wins.

Moreover, Breeden has won five matches within the first round. Trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mike holds a brown belt in the sport and has been actively fighting since 2017. 

His most recent win against Jubli was his first win in the UFC after three consecutive losses since 2021. 

Mike Breeden Wikipedia And Age

All About The UFC Fighter

The MMA fighter Mike Breeden was born to his parents on April 21, 1989, in the United States. So, speaking of his age, he is currently in his mid-thirties.

Although there is no information about his parents, he is of Cambodian descent through one of his parents.

Mike Breeden
Mike Breeden (Source: Instagram)

He has even mentioned himself as Cambodian on his Instagram bio, but he is an American citizen who did his schooling in Kansas City, Missouri. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding his higher education.

As per the 2020 MMA Junkie report, many of his family members, including his parents, are involved in the restaurant business and have nothing to do with athletics.

Breeden Entered The MMA World Because OF His Uncle

Growing up, Mike had no intention of pursuing an MMA career. As he was a plump kid until his teens, he was not very athletic and was thinking of joining the restaurant business, following in his parents’ footsteps.

His path changed after his uncle suggested Mike try martial arts. Initially, he agreed but decided to quit after finding it harder to work out regularly. 

Remembering those days, he said, “I just really didn’t enjoy working out. You couldn’t get me to run. You couldn’t get me to lift. You couldn’t get me to do anything if it didn’t have to do with food.”

However, his uncle kept pushing him, dragged him to the gym, and guided him throughout his MMA journey. In 2014, he fought his first important match against Devon Webber, which he lost in the third round.

Mike Breeden Is A Married Man

The professional fighter has been married to his wife, Miriam Joy, for over a year.

As per their social media handles, the pair tied the knot on February 2, 2022.

Mike Breeden With His Wife Miriam And Son
Mike Breeden With His Wife, Miriam, And Son (Source: Instagram)

Together, Miriam and Mike have a son, born out of wedlock, whom he sometimes posts on his Insta handle. His son apparently likes American football and is a fan of NFL team Kansas City Chiefs.

Unfortunately, there is not much information about his wife, Miriam, as she has kept her social media account private.

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