Gareth Anscombe Wife Milica Anscombe Is A Proud Mom

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Professional rugby player Gareth Anscombe has been married to his wife, Milica Anscombe, for around four years. Together, they are the proud parents of two kids, Teifi and Theo.

Born in Serbia, Milica met Gareth in New Zealand while playing for the Chiefs in the Super Rugby competition around 2014.

Shortly after, Gareth moved to Europe, joining the Cardiff Blues, a Welsh professional rugby union team, where Milica accompanied him. Five years later, he tied the knot with Milica in New Zealand.

Welsh Rugby Union Player Gareth Anscombe
Welsh Rugby Union Player Gareth Anscombe (Source: Planet Rugby)

Gareth Anscombe is a New Zealand-born Welsh rugby union player.

He competes in the United Rugby Championship and the European Championship Cup for the Welsh professional rugby union team, the Ospreys.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Anscombe started his professional league career in 2010. He played for the Aukland team for four years, scoring 572 points in 38 games.

Initially committed to playing for the New Zealand national team, Gareth changed his decision and started playing for the Welsh national team in 2014. That same year, he joined the Welsh club Cardiff Blues to play in the European rugby leagues.

As of this writing, Gareth has already appeared in 36 games for Wales, scoring 88 points in all competitions.

Gareth Anscombe Wife Milica Anscombe

The Welsh rugby union player Gareth Anscombe and his wife, Milica, are the proud parents of two kids- a son and a daughter.

Milica Anscombe, initially Milica Bubanja, was born in Serbia, but she later migrated with her parents to New Zealand, where she spent her entire early years.

After graduating high school, she attended Aukland University of Technology and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Gareth Anscombe And His Wife Milica
Gareth Anscombe And His Wife, Milica (Source: Instagram)

Before she met Gareth, Milica was already a well-established independent lady with experience working at different companies for many years.

She was a contracts manager at Ricoh New Zealand Limited, a digital services provider company, in 2014. 

The pair dated nearly four years before Gareth engaged Milica in 2017 during their vacation in Barcelona. However, they had already started living together in Wales after his European league journey began with the Cardiff Blues in 2014.

After two years of engagement, Milica and Gareth tied the knot in Waiheke Island, New Zealand, in a large ceremony attended by their close friends and family, including Gareth’s teammate, with Welsh center Scott Wiliams as his best man.

Milica Anscombe Is A Proud Mom Of Two

Gareth Anscombe wife, Milica Anscombe, is a proud mom of two gorgeous kids- a daughter and a son.

Milica gave birth to their daughter, Teifi, in September 2020. As per Gareth, they named her after a famous river in West Wales.

Gareth Anscombe With His Wife Milica And Kids
Gareth Anscombe With His Wife, Milica, And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Almost two years later, they welcomed their second child, a son named Theo. He was born in June 2022 while Gareth was on a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

On June 27, 2022, he informed about his son’s birth through his Instagram post, captioning, “I landed this morning in Johannesburg to news that supermum @milica_anscombe had just had our boy Theo.”

Currently, the couple resides in Cardiff City, Wales, where they are raising their two kids very well.

Although Gareth’s earning from his rugby career is enough to live a comfortable life, Milica manages to run her property management company named Home Host, besides looking after her kids.

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