Is George Kittle Related To Ron Kittle? Family Tree Explored

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There’s been a misunderstanding when saying that George Kittle is related to Ron Kittle. Read till the end to explore their family tree.

George and Ron don’t share anything in common except for their last name. They don’t even play the same sport.

George Kittle Celebrating After His Win With The 49ers
George Kittle Celebrating After His Win With The 49ers (Source: Instagram)

George Kittle is a big name in the NFL world currently playing for the San Francisco 49ers.

Kittle was born in Madison, Wisconsin, but later moved to Iowa with his family.

Since then, he has had to move around many schools, starting from Iowa City West High School. After that, he simultaneously moved to Cedar Falls High School and Norman High School.

His allegiance to Iowa did not falter as he chose the University of Iowa to play collegiate football. 

On the other hand, Ronald Kittle was born on January 5, 1958, and he is more known in baseball.

He had a reputation for being an impeccable left fielder and designated hitter in the MLB.

Ron was selected as the American League Rookie of the Year in 1983 due to his home run-hitting ability.

Is George Kittle Related To Ron Kittle?

Looking at both of these players’ family trees, there is no evidence that claims that George Kittle is related to Ron Kittle.

George had a decent childhood and received perfect guidance for his sports career.

His parents were well-versed in the athlete mentality and passed it on to him.

George’s father is Bruce Kittle, a four-year letterman and co-captain of Iowa’s 1982 Rose Bowl squad.

On the other hand, his mother, Jan Krieger, is in the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union Hall of Fame and later played softball and earned All-America honors in basketball at Drake University.

George Kittle Is Not Related To Ron Kittle In Any Manner
George Kittle Is Not Related To Ron Kittle In Any Way (Source: Instagram)

Ron’s childhood was nothing like that; he struggled a lot to find fame and success.  

He was the fourth child out of the six children of his parents. The names of his siblings are Jimmy, Sandy, Linda, Diane, and Freddie.

Note that none of their name is George, so it’s difficult to establish a relationship between them.

Also, his parents’ names are Dorothy Jean and James W. “Slim” Kittle. Ron’s father had a difficult history, with just a sixth-grade education.

He joined the Merchant Marines at 13 and later worked in steel mills.

Ron’s mother also experienced considerable hardships, raising six children while working two jobs.

Despite the difficult conditions, she was able to care for her family by juggling the obligations of feeding everyone and cleaning up after meals.

Injury Update 

George Kittle suffered a significant setback in overtime during the high-stakes Super Bowl game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

He suffered a shoulder injury, prompting his temporary evacuation from the field and leaving supporters anxious for updates on his status.

Despite his initial concerns, Kittle’s stubbornness was reflected as he quickly returned to the game, exhibiting his undying resolve to help contribute to his team’s success.

Although doctors have not revealed the details of Kittle’s injury to the shoulder, it was clear that the game had taken a significant physical toll.

George Kittle's Presence In The Field Always Makes A Difference For Opponents And Teammates Alike
George Kittle’s Presence In The Field Always Makes A Difference For Opponents And Teammates Alike (Source: Instagram)

The intensity of the Super Bowl, combined with the tough rivalry from the Chiefs, presented formidable obstacles to the 49ers.

Despite the strain and uncertainty, Kittle’s return to the field instilled renewed hope and drive in the 49ers’ ranks.

The Chiefs won the game, but it was Kittle who won the hearts of the fans.

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