Georges Niang Wife: Is The NBA Player Married Or Dating?

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The NBA star Georges Niang has no wife and isn’t married. Niang has kept his dating life under wraps, with his main attention always being his on-court performances. 

The second-round pick of the 2016 NBA Draft, Niang, 30, signed a three-year, $26 million contract last year. The Cavaliers picked him from free agency. Before joining the Cavaliers, Niang had spent the last two seasons with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

The Power Forward Georges Niang Pictured During Pre-Season Training
The Power Forward Georges Niang Pictured During Pre-Season Training (Source: Instagram)

The power forward is averaging 9.3 points per game this season. Recently, Niang became the first player in NBA history to score at least 33 points on at least 92.8% shooting from the field off the bench in a single game. 

A very specific statistic, Niang achieved the record in the game against Giannis Antetokounmpo’s side. The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently on the roll, having won their last eight games and recently took down Orlando Magic 126-99.

Georges Niang Wife: Is The NBA Player Married Or Dating?

The Cleveland Cavaliers player Georges Niang has no wife and isn’t married. Going through his social media handle, it also doesn’t look like Niang is dating anyone.

But there is a high chance that the former 76ers player is keeping his relationship out of the public limelight. Despite being in the NBA since 2016, Georges has kept his personal life out of the media scrutiny.

On his Instagram, Georges shares posts from the game day or adverts. He also shares posts of his life away from the basketball court, including pictures from golf courses. 

The NBA star is a mama’s boy and is regularly seen sharing photos with his mom, Alison Niang. His last post on January 13 is also with his mom and teammates enjoying their time in Paris. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers Player Seems To Be Single
The Cleveland Cavaliers Player Seems To Be Single (Source: Instagram)

It has been eight years that Niang has been playing in the NBA, but the power forward has never been in a messy controversy. 

Last year, Niang appeared in the podcast Tidal League, where he talked about his NBA career. When the host asked him “the moment that changed his career,” Niang said an athlete’s time during college matters a lot. 

He said if, during college, an aspiring athlete gets addicted to drugs, alcohol, or women, then they can say goodbye to their dreams of becoming pro.

Fortunately, Georges didn’t have any such addictions. But he says there was a time when he had trouble maintaining his physique and had to start taking his diet and nutrition seriously. 

Maybe Georges Niang will talk about his relationship status later in his career. But for right now, the Cleveland Cavaliers player is focused on his NBA career. 

Georges Niang Family: Raised By A Single Mother

The NBA star Georges Niang was born in Massachusetts and grew up as a Celtics fan. In an interview, Niang said he came from an athletic family, with his two uncles from his dad’s side being former soccer players at West Virginia. 

Another one of his uncles happened to be a swimmer. Niang’s parents, Sidy and Alison Niang, separated when he was five. The Cavaliers player has his roots in the African nation Senegal.

His father, Sidy, immigrated from Senegal and later joined the US Merchant Marine. But despite his parents’ divorce, Georges maintained a healthy relationship with his dad. 

Georges Niang Pictured With His Mother, Alison Niang During Their Recent Trip To Paris
Georges Niang Pictured With His Mother, Alison Niang, During Their Recent Trip To Paris (Source: Instagram)

Georges said his father helped him stay disciplined and made him aware of his goals. But it is the mother-son duo of Alison and Georges that overcame several hardships. 

In his interview, Niang said his mother has always been his rock and a super-influential figure on and off the court. Georges says his mother kept her happiness aside to see him happy. 

In 2022, the Eagle Tribune shared Georges’ letter, which he wrote for his mom on Mother’s Day. It was a short tribute for all she had done for him throughout the years. 

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