Who Is The Girl In Tyron Woodley Leaked Video? Is She His Girlfriend Kia?

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The MMA World had an explosive start in 2024 after the leaked video of Tyron Woodley Leaked Video went viral on Twitter. Read to find out more.

Fans wonder if the girl in the video is his finance Kia or if Woodley has returned to cheating on his partners.

Tyron Woodley Has Already Retired From MMA
Tyron Woodley Has Already Retired From MMA (Source: Instagram)

Tyron Lakent Woodley was born in Ferguson, Missouri, on April 7, 1982. He is a former MMA fighter from the United States.

A professional since 2009, Woodley competed at Strikeforce and was an NCAA Division I collegiate wrestler for the Missouri Tigers.

He has also been a two-time All-American and Big 12 Conference champion. Woodley was the eleventh of thirteen children.

They were all raised by his mother after his father abandoned the family when he was young.

He was a two-sport athlete in high school, competing in American football and amateur wrestling.

Woodley entered the University of Missouri’s wrestling team after graduating from McCluer High School in 2000.

Woodley made his promotional debut against Jay Hieron on February 2, 2013, at UFC 156, replacing an injured Erick Silva. He won the bout by KO in the first round after only 36 seconds.

Who Is The Girl In The Leaked Video Of Tyron Woodley?

2024 started with a bang for Tyron Woodley after somebody leaked an intimate video of him with a girl on social media, X.

Netizens have not been able to identify the woman in the video yet, but they have already scattered to get to the bottom of it. 

Some claim it is his girlfriend, Kia, while others deny it. They believe that he is cheating on her. 

The law considers sharing videos such as this a crime. Hence, you will have to search it on Twitter yourself if you are interested. 

Tyron Woodley In Spotlight Over Leaked Explicit Video
Tyron Woodley In Spotlight Over Leaked Explicit Video (Source: Twitter)

After watching this leaked video, Twitter is going wild with the reactions of fans and his colleagues. 

One user wrote, “To be fair, that was Tyron Woodley’s best finish since 2018”.

The famous Youtuber/Boxer Jake Paul was not gonna hold back on this one. He wrote on his Twitter, “All my opponents eat good.”

Who Is His Girlfriend Now Fiance Kia Woodley? 

Woodley is in a relationship with his fiance, Kia Woodley, and they have been dating for many years now.

Kia is a UCLA graduate who is currently working as a sports journalist. Woodley proposed to her in front of Dublin Castle, where he went down on one knee to propose.

There are speculations that the woman in the video is Kia, but people speculate it may not be true given Tyron’s history.

Tyron Woodley WIth His Recently Engaged Fiance Kia Woodley
Tyron Woodley With His Recently Engaged Fiance Kia Woodley (Source: Instagram)

Someone caught Tyron red-handed kissing another lady in a parking lot in 2018. This was after he received a new haircut from a barbershop in Melrose.

Some paparazzi photographed him leaning into a kiss with an unidentified woman. This was at a time when he was married to his former wife, Averi Woodley.

Furthermore, per her Instagram profile, his former wife is a fitness trainer and a personal coach.

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