Gracie Gold Net Worth 2024: How Rich Is The Figure Skater?

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Gracie Gold has a net worth of $700,000. The Olympian was one of the biggest names in figure skating in the US in the early 2010s.

Many believe Gracie’s career would only go up after winning the bronze in the Olympics. But Gracie couldn’t live up to the hype after several unfortunate events took place in her life.

Gracie Gold Pictured During Her Heyday In The Early 2010s
Gracie Gold Pictured During Her Heyday In The Early 2010s (Source: Instagram)

Recently, Gracie published her memoir, Outofshapeworthlessloser, in which she revealed she was sexually assaulted. Her memoir also details her struggle with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. 

Many figure skating fans have questioned the role of parents in these situations and that of coaches on how they break the child at an early age. 

Gracie Gold Net Worth 2024

The American figure skater Gracie Gold has a net worth of $700,000. The figure skater began her skating journey at age eight and soon began training with Amy Vorhaben and Max Liu.

Gold’s first competition at the junior level was in 2007 at the US Junior Championship with Sean Hickey. They finished eighth, and three years later, Gracie came fourth in the novice level at the 2010 US Championships.

Gracie Pictured During An Event Last Year At NEDA
Gracie Pictured During An Event Last Year At NEDA (Source: Instagram)

She made her international debut in 2012 and won gold at the Junior Grand Prix. Later that year, she won gold at the junior level at the US Championship. Gold could’ve got her hand at $1 million if she and her team had won the World Team Trophy.

But Gracie and Co. finished fifth in the event. In 2013, Gracie won gold at Skate Canada in the ISU Grand Prix Series. It is to be noted that, in 2013, the ISU Grand Prix kept its prize money at $180,000 for individual events.

The medals and accolades kept on coming for the athlete, as she won her first NHK Trophy title in 2014. It was also the year she won her Olympic medal, a bronze title in Sochi, Russia.

In 2015, Gracie won her first world championship title in Boston, and before that, she also won her second national title.

Gracie Gold Details Her Struggle With Mental Health

In 2017, Gold, took a break from competitive events to seek treatment after it was announced she struggled with eating disorder and anxiety. It was only later she revealed that she was also dealing with suicidal thoughts. 

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old published her memoir, Outofshapeworthlessloser. In the memoir, Gracie has revealed that at age 21, she was raped by a fellow skater at an event after-party.

Gracie reported the incident to the US Center for SafeSport five years after it happened. Gold has said she doesn’t know whether the case has been resolved. 

The Figure Skater Gracie Gold Recently Published Her Memoir
The Figure Skater Gracie Gold Recently Published Her Memoir (Source: Instagram)

Gracie has acknowledged that she has always been a judgmental perfectionist. In the memoir, Gracie writes that after the 2014 Olympics, her eating disorder only grew. 

She struggled to perform at the 2016 World Championships, and by her next competitive season, Gracie had been assaulted and was going through suicidal thoughts. She also had gained 50 pounds, and though she had arrived at the camp, she left it for inpatient treatment in Arizona.

Gracie was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder. In her latest interview, Gracie said she still loves skating but believes some parts of the skating culture and some people in the sport need to change and need to be a little more progressive.

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