Who Is Greg Oswald? Eli Tomac Brother- Age And Wikipedia

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Eli Tomac’s brother, Greg Oswald, is not only a highly skilled pilot but also a multifaceted individual who enjoys spending time with his family, giving back to the community, and bringing a sense of style into his professional life.

His narrative, intertwined with his brother Eli Tomac’s motocross legacy, demonstrates the range of interests and achievements within the Oswald family.

Greg’s effect on the aviation business and beyond is a monument to his expertise, leadership, and the enduring power of family bonds as he continues to fly to new heights.

Eli Tomac , A Famous American Professional motocross racer
Eli Tomac, A Famous American Professional Motocross Racer (Source: Instagram)

Eli Tomac is an American professional Motocross and Supercross racer. In 2010, Tomac made his professional debut, winning his first race as a rookie.

He entered the 450cc class part-time in the 2013 Supercross season and became a full-time participant in 2014.

In 2014, he took first place in the Spring Creek National, a 450cc outdoor race held in Millville, Minnesota, USA.

Similarly, in 2015, he won his first Supercross race on a 450cc engine at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

From 2016 to 2021, Tomac was a member of the Kawasaki factory racing team. For the 2022 season, he signed on with Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing.

Tomac broke the former record-holder Ricky Carmichael’s five Daytona Supercross victories in 2022 with his record-breaking sixth. Eli won his seventh Daytona Supercross in 2023.

Eli Tomac Brother: Greg Oswald – Age, Achievements, and Wikipedia Highlights

Greg is the elder brother to Eli Tomac, a prominent name in the motocross world.

He started his aviation career when he was a teenager and has accumulated a remarkable flight record of more than 5,000 hours since then.

Greg Oswald, A C-17 Pilot For The U.S. Air Force.
Greg Oswald, A C-17 Pilot For The U.S. Air Force (Source: Instagram)

His skill with six distinct jet aircraft demonstrates his dedication to becoming an expert in all aspects of flying.

In addition to his extensive experience in flight operations, Greg has a strong academic background. He graduated from the esteemed Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences at the University of North Dakota with aviation management and finance degrees.

Greg Oswald and Eli Tomac, his younger brother, have a special and encouraging relationship.

Likewise, Greg flies through the air while Eli dominates dirt tracks and motocross competitions, resulting in a powerful fusion of emotions inside the Oswald household.

Greg’s encouragement of Eli’s motocross pursuits highlights their close-knit family and mutual regard for one other’s career choices.

Greg Oswald and Eli Tomac: A Dynamic Duo of Speed and Skill

Eli Tomac and Greg Oswald have a strong “need for speed” in their respective industries. Greg personifies the accuracy and excitement of flying as he navigates the sky in a C-17.

Meanwhile, Eli demonstrates a tireless pursuit of speed on dirt courses with his supremacy in motocross and supercross, which was rounded off by his historic victory in his professional debut in 2010.

Eli Tomac With His Brother Greg Oswald
Eli Tomac With His Brother Greg Oswald (Source: Facebook)

From the sound of jet engines breaking through the sky to the thunderous cheers of motocross spectators, the Oswald-Tomac family has produced two remarkable individuals.

Greg and Eli’s dedication, hard work, and talent are evidence of the principles their proud parents instilled in them.

In addition, Eli Tomac’s triumphs—his momentous victory at the 2018 San Diego Supercross—do not stand alone. Greg Oswald, Eli’s older brother, is a constant source of support.

While Eli speeds across unpaved terrain, Greg recognizes the similarity between bikers and pilots: both require a dependable team to function to their maximum capacity.

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