Guenther Steiner Kids: Daughter Greta With Wife Gertraud Steiner

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Guenther Steiner has been blessed with a kid named Greta. He and his wife, Gertraud, gave birth to their daughter.

Despite being the daughter of a prominent figure like her mother, Greta’s details have been kept private, mirroring her mother’s discretion regarding her life.

Italian-American Motorsport Engineer And Former Team Manager Guenther Steiner
Italian-American Motorsport Engineer And Former Team Manager Guenther Steiner (Source: Instagram)

Guenther Steiner is a prominent Italian-American motorsport engineer and former team manager. He began his career in the World Rally Championship for Mazda Rally Team Europe.

He later held key roles with Top Run Srl, Jolly Club, and Prodrive’s Allstar Rally team. Moreover, he achieved success in the European Rally Championship.

Transitioning to Formula One in 2001, Steiner oversaw engineering operations as the team principal for Jaguar Racing.

From 2016 to 2024, Steiner was the Team Principal of the Haas Formula One Team, known for his innovative business model. His contract was not renewed upon its expiration.

Steiner gained fame on Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” for his candid and profanity-laden demeanor, which attracted a large fan base.

Guenther Steiner Wife And Kids

Gertraud Steiner, the wife of Guenther Steiner, enjoys her success as a fashion designer, garnering recognition in her industry.

Speculation suggests that her income from fashion is substantial enough to support herself independently if necessary.

Guenther Steiner With His Daughter Greta Steiner
Guenther Steiner With His Daughter Greta Steiner (Source: Instagram; Kym Illman)

Despite being married to a well-known figure, Gertraud values her privacy and does not maintain a public social media presence for fans.

With Guenther frequently traveling for Formula One races over the past decade, Gertraud often found herself at home alone. However, they reunite during breaks to spend time as a family.

The couple shares a daughter named Greta Steiner, who has occasionally appeared alongside her mother on the “Drive to Survive” Netflix series.

While Greta’s exact age is undisclosed, she is estimated to be approximately 16 years old in 2024.

Gerta’s parents are wealthy, providing her with a comfortable and stress-free upbringing.

Currently residing in North Carolina, the family relocated there during Guenther’s tenure with Red Bull’s NASCAR team and has since decided to make it their permanent home.

Guenther looks forward to prioritizing more time with his family in the future.

Guenther Steiner Transitioning from Haas Team Principal To F1 Pundit for RTL

After eight seasons as the Haas team principal in Formula 1, Guenther Steiner will return to the F1 scene as a pundit for German broadcaster RTL.

Steiner, who departed Haas in January following a change in leadership, has now secured a role with RTL. The network is renowned for broadcasting F1 in Germany.

Guenther Steiner Starting New Journey with RTL And Channel 10
Guenther Steiner Starting New Journey with RTL And Channel 10 (Source: BNN Breaking)

Known for his vibrant personality and entertaining presence on Netflix’s “Drive to Survive,” Steiner will join RTL’s team.

Similarly, he will be in the paddock for the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, followed by appearances at seven more races.

Additionally, he will collaborate with the Australian TV network Channel 10 during the Australian Grand Prix next month.

Steiner expressed his enthusiasm for his new role. He highlighted the competitive nature of Formula 1 and his eagerness to analyze and discuss the racing dynamics with the viewers.

RTL’s program director, Inga Leschek, praised Steiner’s addition to their team. She emphasized his extensive experience and insightful contributions that will enhance their live broadcasts.

Apart from his broadcasting commitments, Steiner is set to be a producer for a new workplace comedy show on US broadcaster CBS, announced last year.

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