Hailey Davidson Wikipedia & Age: Trans Golfer Wins Florida Tournament

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Hailey Davidson Wikipedia- The golfer was born James Scott Davidson and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2021. A native of Scotland, Hailey has been living in the USA for 26 years.

Opposed by Andy Murray’s mother in 2022 from competing in the LPGA Tour, Hailey Davidson won another professional title on a Florida mini-tour.

Davidson With Other Competitors At The Mini Tour Event
Davidson With Other Competitors At The Mini Tour Event (Source: Instagram)

Davidson won the NXXT Women’s Classic on January 17 at Mission Inn Resort and Club in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. Davidson currently leads the points list with 1,320 points. 

She is still miles away from an LPGA card but says the fight continues. After the win, Hailey wrote on her Instagram how people do not get angry until there is any form of success. 

Hailey Davidson Wikipedia & Age

Hailey Davidson, age 30, was born in Scotland but currently resides in Florida. Born to Hamish and Sandra, the Davidson family shifted to the US in 1997. 

Hailey was born James Scott Davidson, and from her early years, endured physical problems. She was born with clubfoot and underwent 30 procedures growing up. 

Davidson earned a scholarship to play on the men’s team at Wilmington University in Delaware before transferring to the men’s team at Christopher Newport, an NCAA Division III school in Virginia. 

When asked to describe what she was like as a kid, Hailey said, “An angry golfer.” By age ten, Hailey knew something was different with her, and eight years later, she thought of the possibility of a medical transition.  

Davidson Underwent Gender Reassignment Surgery In 2021
Davidson Underwent Gender Reassignment Surgery In 2021 (Source: Instagram)

She underwent gender reassignment surgery in January 2021, but she was already under hormone treatment since September 24, 2015.

At the time, Hailey became the second transgender woman to compete in the first stage of LPGA Q-School. Bobbie Lancaster was the first to compete and earned Symera Tour status in 2013. 

Davidson didn’t make the cut but won her first professional title on the National Women’s Golf Association tour. 

That same year, Hailey received confirmation from LPGA that she could compete in a tour-qualifying school. She had met all the criteria of at least one year of hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery. 

Hailey Davidson Supportive Family

The golfer was lucky to be born in a household that supported her all the way through her transition. Her father, Hamish Davidson, would drive her to various golf events. 

At first, Hamish said it was a bit difficult to accept. In one of his interviews, Hamish said he shut his eyes over Hailey wanting to transition for the first year. He told his 85-year-old father, who supported Hailey’s decision.

It was only then Hamish was fully on board. Hailey’s mother, Sandra, has been supportive since day one. In 2022, she stood up for her daughter against Andy Murray’s mother, Judy Murray.

Judy Murray was against Hailey having an LPGA Tour Card. She tweeted, “Not fair at all. Protect women’s sport. Listen to the facts, the scientists, and the medics. This is wrong.”

In response, Sandra told the Daily Records, “Shame on Judy Murray for attacking another mother’s child.

You do not know my daughter Hailey, and most importantly you know absolutely nothing about transgender men or women and therefore, have no rights whatsoever to give your opinion on something you know nothing about.”

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