Harry Wessels Parents: Where Are They From?

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Harry Wessels, a young basketball center, plays collegiate football for the SMC California. Born to his parents in Perth, West Australia, Harry started playing basketball pretty late, but he knows the game well.

Back when he was in his hometown, he never played basketball.

As sports like rules football and cricket are relatively more popular in his country, he grew up watching Australian footy leagues and cricket.

Exceeding 7 feet in height, Wessels says he eventually began his basketball journey after arriving at Aquinas College in Perth. Now that he has decided to pursue a professional basketball career, his parents also support him.

Australian Basketball Player Harry Wessels
Australian Basketball Player Harry Wessels (Source: The Cairns Post)

Despite still being a freshman at Saint Mary’s College, Harry Wessels has already traveled to various places worldwide, representing Australia. In 2021, he was a member of Australia’s U-19 team and helped them qualify for the FIBA World Games.

A year later, he was included in the Australian Boomers World Cup Qualifier team but was left out during the final team selection at the 2023 FIBA World Cup.

Besides, his first collegiate season for the SMC Gaels was not impressive, yet he had some memorable moments. One among them was in a match against Colorado in December 2022, where he recorded six rebounds.

Harry Wessels Parents: Where Are They From?

The Australian basketball player Harry Wessels was born to his parents on August 6, 2002, in Perth, Australia. His family is originally from Boddington, West Australia, and Harry spent his entire childhood there.

Boddington is a small town near Perth, the capital of Western Australia. Despite its proximity to the state’s capital, the city only had a population of 1844 as per the 2016 Census.

Harry Wessels With His Parents
Harry Wessels With His Parents (Source: TV Show Stars)

Returning to his family, the promising student-athlete has not said much about his parents and siblings.

His Instagram handle also shows that he rarely uses social media and posts very few pictures, especially about his career and individual photos. Also, no popular media has published about his personal life.

However, one can quickly tell his parents are supportive regrading his career. Despite coming from a small town, they have sent him afar to a distant country so that he can get more opportunities and fulfill his dream of making it to the NBA in the future.

Wessels’ College Career

Harry Wessels decided to move to the United States after graduating high school from the Australian Centre of Excellence in Canberra in 2021. 

His school seniors, basketball players Alex Ducas and Kyle Bowen, had joined the Saint Mary’s College of California, so he chose the same institute. Consequently, he has been playing as a center for the Gaels.

In the 2022-23 season, he played in all the regular season games for the team except one.

Harry Wessels
Harry Wessels (Source: Saint Mary’s College Athletics)

Despite his average performance with just 2.6 ppg and 1.8 rebounds per game, Wessels’s shot percentage was nearly 60%, one of the best among qualifying players for the college.

Despite some standout games, Harry’s first season for his college team was underwhelming. He recorded his first points in the season’s second match, resulting in an easy win against Vermont.

Similarly, his performances against North Texas and Portland were outstanding, scoring seven and twelve points, respectively.

However, he knows that the professional leagues in the United States are highly competitive, and he has to do far better if he wishes to play in the NBA.

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