Hazel Renee Ethnicity: What Is Draymond Green Wife Background?

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Draymond Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, comes from a captivating and diverse ethnicity spanning transcontinental boundaries.

Apart from being Draymond Green’s wife, Hazel Renee is well-known for her acting career. 

The most alluring part of her personal life detail is her mixed and multiracial ethnic background.

Draymond Green Posing With Wife Hazel Renee In The Red Carpet
Draymond Green Posing With Wife Hazel Renee In The Red Carpet (Source: People)

Being named National American Miss Teen Michigan as a teenager, Hazel has dabbled in acting, modeling, and music.

Appearing in highly rated shows such as “Power & Money” and “A Mother’s Intuition,” Hazel has carved her name as an actress. 

At Michigan State University, she was a track and field athlete and took theater classes.

Subsequently, it was at said theater class in Michigan that she would first meet her future partner, Draymond.

To sum up, Hazel is a multi-faceted personality with talents in acting, sports, television, and music while being a responsible mother to her children.

What Is Hazel Renee Ethnicity?

Hazel Renee was born to parents of African-American and Filipino Puerto Rican descent.

As per reports, her father, Rodney Joiner, is African-American, while her mother, Eve Reichardt, is of mixed Filipino and Puerto Rican descent.

Not only did Hazel get to experience different traditions, but coming from a multiracial ethnicity has helped her in her work as well.

Hazel Renee Is A Renowned TV Personality
Hazel Renee Is A Renowned TV Personality (Source: People)

As a prominent TV personality and actress, she can pull off roles of various types, proving herself to be versatile.

As she makes strides in the TV and media space, along with raising three children, her parents have certainly supported her.

All in all, Hazel Renee boasts varied ethnicities spanning three races: Filipino, Puerto Rican, and African-American.

Draymond and Hazel Green’s Unbreakable Bond

Undoubtedly, Hazel and Draymond Green share a heart-warming and supportive relationship.

Both are highly successful personalities in their fields, and the couple share a strong bond of love and understanding.

An example of their attachment was seen in the recent NBA season when the NBA controversially suspended Draymond.

Experts and fans criticized it as a dark time in Draymond Green’s career. However, his wife Hazel became a beacon of hope and support.

Posting a story of them together, she put the assuring caption “Me and You until the world BLOW.”

The story proved that no matter how troubling Draymond’s career may be, he always has a partner who will support him through thick and thin.

Draymond And Hazel Tied The Knot in 2022
Draymond And Hazel Tied The Knot in 2022 (Source: People)

Their relationship goes way back to the time when they were students at Michigan State University. Additionally, the pair were both athletes in college and met in theater class.

Although meeting in college, they were just friends and got into a relationship much later in 2018.

They exchanged wedding vows in August 2022. Hazel and Draymond have two children, one recently born in December 2023.

They also raise two other children, each of whom is from their past relationship.

Overall, the couple share a strong bond and support each other as they traverse in their sports and television fields.

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