Hendrix Lapierre Parents And Ethnicity: Where Are They From? Siblings & Family

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Hendrix Lapierre is a young Canadian hockey prospect, supported by his parents and extended family in his athletic journey.

Subsequently, the motivation and inspiration Hendrix receives from his family has fueled his sporting success at an early age.

Canadian Hockey Player Hendrix Lapierre
Canadian Hockey Player Hendrix Lapierre (Source: ESPN)

Hendrix Lapierre, born on February 9, 2002, is a talented Canadian professional ice hockey center.

He showcases his skills with the Hershey Bears in the American Hockey League (AHL) while holding the prospect status for the Washington Capitals in the National Hockey League (NHL).

He was selected 22nd overall by the Capitals in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft, highlighting his promising future in hockey.

Hendrix Lapierre Parents

To begin with, Hendrix was born to parents, his father, Bruno, and his mother, Marie-Noëlle Parent.

Subsequently, Hendrix has received the full support of his parents as he navigates his hockey career.

In Hendrix’s formative years as a hockey player, his parents’ unwavering support and inspiration have been instrumental.

Whether cheering from the stands or offering guidance during challenging times, his parents played a crucial role in nurturing his passion for the sport.

Their encouragement became the driving force behind his determination and resilience on the hockey rink.

Hendrix Lapierre Parents And Family
Hendrix Lapierre Parents And Family (Source: Journel De Quebec)

Subsequently, the entire family experienced a special moment when Hendrix debuted in the NHL, scoring his first goal in 2021.

During his NHL debut at Capital One Arena, he netted a goal in the second period, giving the Capitals control.

Subsequently, his role model, Alex Ovechkin, scored two goals in the third period, securing Washington’s 5-1 victory over the Rangers in the season opener.

The goal and the game were unforgettable for Hendrix as his parents and family were in the stands overseeing his performance.

In an interview after the special moment, his father, Bruno, described the feeling as an overflow of emotions.

“Just before the match started, when I heard the crowd screaming and it started to roar, I imagined Hendrix being below and hearing all this and realizing that it was true, that the real deal was beginning. There were 20,000 people in the arena and they came to see Hendrix play. My overflow of emotions, that’s where it came out.”

Additionally, his mother, Marie-Noëlle, mentioned that her parents followed Hendrix since he was little. She emphasized the significance of acknowledging not only the pride of parents but also that of grandparents.

Speaking of his siblings, Hendrix has his brother, Sébastien, and his sister, Ariane. The siblings support his hockey career and are seen attending hockey games to express their solidarity.

The Family Is From Quebec, Canada

Speaking of their nationality, Hendrix and his family are from Quebec, Canada. Additionally, their surname, Lapierre, is a name of French origin.

Most people in Quebec identify as French Canadian or Québécois, reflecting the province’s historical and cultural ties to French colonization.

Hendrix Lapierre Is Of French Canadian Ethnicity
Hendrix Lapierre Is Of French Canadian Ethnicity (Source: The Washington Post)

This implies that Hendrix is of French Canadian ethnicity. Subsequently, he has proudly represented his nation in the under-18 international hockey tournaments.

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