Herb Dean Wife Victoria Dean: MMA Referee Married Life And Kids

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Herb Dean and his wife, Victoria Dean, have shared a deep and enduring connection for over a decade.

Their journey has evolved into a beautiful union, celebrating seven years of marital bliss.

Herb Dean and his wife, Victoria Dean Attend The 2023 MMA Award
Herb Dean and his wife, Victoria Dean, Attend The 2023 MMA Award (Source: Instagram)

Herb Dean, a distinguished figure in mixed martial arts, is a seasoned professional referee.

He is also a former mixed martial artist from the United States.

His illustrious career has seen him officiating events hosted by renowned promotions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and ONE Championship, among others.

Acknowledged as the gold standard for referees in MMA, Herb Dean has earned widespread acclaim from influential figures in the industry.

Herb Dean And Wife Victoria Dean: Decade-Long Journey 

In November 2013, Herb Dean and his wife, Victoria Dean, first crossed paths and began a remarkable journey together.

It all started a decade ago on Thanksgiving day in Shanghai, where their shared story took root.

Fast forward three years, and the couple decided to solidify their bond in the sacred marriage vows.

In September 2016, Herb and Victoria tied the knot, embarking on a new chapter as husband and wife.

Despite seven years of marital bliss, the couple has yet to welcome children into their lives, focusing on the unique bond they share.

Their love story unfolds across the canvas of time, filled with shared adventures, laughter, and mutual support.

Herb Dean And His Wife, Victoria Dean Met For The First Time In November 28, 2013
Herb Dean And His Wife, Victoria Dean, Met For The First Time On November 28, 2013 (Source: Instagram)

Beyond the private sphere of their relationship, Herb and Victoria are an open book on social media.

Both actively engage with their audience, sharing glimpses of their lives and expressions of love for one another.

Their respective social media handles testify to the joy and fulfillment they find in their union.

One striking aspect of Herb and Victoria’s story is their unabashed display of affection.

Whether through heartfelt captions, adorable pictures, or public declarations of love, the couple embraces the opportunity to showcase their deep connection.

Their journey is a testament to the enduring power of love and the beauty that unfolds when two souls find each other amidst the vast tapestry of life.

Victoria Dean: A Journey of Culture, Education, and Real Estate Excellence

Victoria Dean, the wife of renowned referee Herb Dean, hails from Petropavlovsk Kamchatski in Kamchatskaya Oblast, Russia.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, Victoria has seamlessly woven her life into the diverse tapestry of the city’s culture.

Her educational journey led her to Liaoning University, where she honed her skills and broadened her horizons.

Professionally, Victoria has found her niche in the dynamic world of real estate.

She is a dedicated real estate agent at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Golden Properties, a prestigious full-service brokerage in Pasadena’s heart.

The agency boasts a robust capacity to handle diverse real estate needs, including sales, purchases, loans, and escrow services.

Herb Dean And Wife Victoria Dean Celebrate 7-Year Wedding Anniversary
Herb Dean And His Wife, Victoria Dean, Celebrate 7th Wedding Anniversary (Source: Instagram)

Beyond her professional endeavors, Victoria’s Instagram bio offers a glimpse into her interests and passions.

A travel lover, she enjoys exploring new destinations and experiencing the richness of different cultures.

Her active lifestyle reflects a commitment to wellness and a zest for life that complements her dynamic surroundings in Los Angeles.

Victoria Dean emerges not only as a dedicated professional in the real estate world but also as an individual with a vibrant spirit and a penchant for exploration.

Through her work and personal pursuits, she adds a unique flair to the diverse landscape of Los Angeles while embracing the opportunities for growth and connection the city offers.


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