Hope Solo Scandal: Looking Back At Her Biggest Mistakes

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Hope Solo is a former American soccer goalkeeper, widely recognized as one of the greatest female goalkeepers in history.

She currently holds the record for the most career clean sheets in the U.S. national team’s history.

Throughout her successful playing career, Solo was involved in numerous scandals, and even in her retirement, she continues to make headlines.

Hope Solo‘s journey in soccer has been filled with ups and downs, both personally and professionally.

Hope Solo Mugshot
Hope Solo Mugshot (Source: NewYork Post)

These incidents have left Solo’s legacy divided, with some fans acknowledging her exceptional talent, while others remember the controversies that have overshadowed her career.

Let’s dive into her dark past and look in detail at all of her scandals. 

Biggest Scandal: Domestic Violence 

One of the most significant controversies in her life occurred in 2014 when Hope was arrested for domestic violence.

In June 2014, Solo faced accusations of two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree assault against her half-sister and nephew.

Following her arrest, she was released within a day and maintained her innocence by pleading not guilty.

Hope Solo And Her Family
Hope Solo And Her Family (Source: Instagram)

Surprisingly, despite the charges, she was permitted to continue her professional soccer career, only sitting out one game, which drew criticism from certain fans.

In January 2015, a judge dismissed the charges against Solo, but prosecutors decided to appeal the decision.

However, the appeals process concluded in May 2018, ultimately resulting in her complete exoneration as all charges against her were officially dropped.

Leaked Photo Scandal 

The former soccer player became one of several well-known women whose private photos were exposed in a large-scale breach in 2014. 

In September of the same year, she finally spoke out about the scandal on her FACEBOOK PAGE, expressing her sadness and regret over the violation of privacy. 

Hope firmly condemned this act as a violation of human decency and stated her solidarity with all the affected women.

Additionally, she revealed that she was actively seeking ways to safeguard her own privacy in the aftermath of the incident.

Offended A Country And Team 

The U.S. Soccer Federation suspended Solo multiple times, most notably after the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Hope offended Brazilian fans when she shared a picture on Twitter featuring her mosquito net and a stack of bug repellent with the hashtag #zikaproof.

In response, Brazilian soccer fans expressed their displeasure by chanting “Zika!” whenever Solo had possession of the ball.

Hope Solo With Her Award
Hope Solo With Her Award (Source: Instagram)

Following the defeat to the Swedish team, Solo made derogatory remarks about her opponents, referring to them as “a bunch of cowards.”

This led to her contract being officially terminated, effectively ending her time with the national team.

Even after her departure, Solo’s actions continued to attract media attention.

DWI Scandal 

In March 2022, the former goalkeeper made headlines again when she was arrested in North Carolina for charges related to impaired driving (DWI) and resisting arrest.

Solo was taken into custody in Winston-Salem, N.C. when authorities discovered her asleep in a vehicle parked at a Walmart lot.

Notably, she and her husband, Jerramy Stevens, and 2-year-old twins, Lozen and Vittorio, were found in the backseat of the car.

Subsequently, in July, Hope admitted guilt for driving while impaired, leading to the dismissal of the charges related to resisting arrest and misdemeanor child abuse.

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  1. I remain a fan of Hope Solo. If she were not a sports heroine and not the records holder in soccer she would most likely not have received this notoriety.


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