How Many Kids Does Robert Saleh Have?- Wife Sanaa & Family

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Robert Saleh and his wife Sanna have seven kids together; five sons and two daughters.

The New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh was born on January 31, 1979, in Dearborn, Michigan, to his parents, Sam and Fatin.

Born to Lebanese parents, Robert is of Lebanese descent.

Upon his hiring by the New York Jets, he made history as the first Muslim head coach in NFL history.

Robert Saleh With His Wife Sanaa
Robert Saleh With His Wife Sanaa (Source: FanBuzz)

He is also the fourth Arab-American head coach in the NFL, following in the footsteps of Ed Khayat, Rich Kotite, and Abe Gibron, who are all of Lebanese descent as well.

It’s worth mentioning that Robert Saleh and his wife both speak Arabic, showcasing their connection to their cultural heritage.

This representation of diversity and inclusion in the NFL highlights the significance of coaches from various backgrounds making a positive impact on the sport.

How Many Kids Does Robert Saleh Have?- Wife Sanaa & Family

Saleh and his wife, Sanaa, are blessed with a loving family of seven wonderful children.

They have five sons named Adam, Zane, Michael, Sam, and Jacob, who are filled with curiosity, creativity, and determination.

These young boys bring joy and laughter to their homes every day.

In addition to their five sons, Saleh and Sanaa have two beautiful daughters, Mila and Ella.

The Jets coach’s wife, Sanaa Zainab Kaid, also attended Fordson High School before marrying Robert.

The NFL power couple has kept their marriage extremely discreet. She keeps a low profile and is also not very active on social media.

She works to support children who have been sexually abused. Sanaa’s Stars was founded as a non-profit organization in 2019 with the goal of providing hope and love to children who have experienced abuse.

Early Career

Robert Saleh graduated from Fordson High School in 1997.

Following his passion for education and sports, he enrolled at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, where he pursued a degree in finance from 1997 to 2001.

During his time at the university, Saleh showcased his talent as a four-year starter for the Wildcats, earning a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional tight end and receiving all-conference honors for his outstanding performance on the field.

However, Saleh’s life took a significant turn during the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

His brother David found himself in the South Tower during the devastating terrorist attacks.

Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh (Source: Sports Illustrated)

Witnessing the fireball from the initial plane’s impact on the North Tower from the 61st floor of his building, David made a brave and timely decision to evacuate, ignoring calls from the public intercom to return to his office.

He managed to make it down to the 24th floor before the second plane struck the South Tower, several floors above him.

Through his courage and quick thinking, David eventually reached the lobby and safely escaped to a place of safety.

The profound impact of this harrowing experience influenced Saleh deeply and served as a catalyst for him to pursue a different path in life.

It was during this critical moment that he realized his true calling: coaching football.

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