How Many Tattoo Does Curtis Blaydes Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Fans are talking about Curtis Blaydes tattoo since he posted his recent one. In addition to being a tattoo lover, he is also the UFC’s top-ranked contender in the heavyweight division.

Curtis Lionell Blaydes, also known as a professional American mixed martial artist (MMA), is currently competing in the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

He made his promotional debut on April 10, 2016, at UFC fight night 86. Before that, he started his professional career in 2014.

Blaydes Playing The match
Blaydes Playing The match (Sources: Instagram)

Blaydes won the most takedowns in a fight in UFC heavyweight division history, not to mention he got the award from the National Junior College Athletic Association as a redshirt sophomore at Harper.

It was hard for Razor to take his studies and his MMA journey side by side, so to fully focus on his career, he left the school after he began to fight in amateur mixed martial arts.

One of the most talented professional MMA fighters has become a role model and a great personality in the UFC community after years of his struggle.

How Many Tattoos Does Razor Have?

Curtis Blaydes’s tattoo has been the talk among his fans after his recent tattoo post. Razor has a total of four tattoos, but his recent one of a razor on his left arm was the highlight.

Curtis's Latest Tattoo
Curtis’s Latest Tattoo (Source: Instagram)

This was inked by the fighter to match his nickname, “Razor Blaydes,” but most people thought that was a bad idea. No one anticipated that Razor would honor the nickname on his tattoo like this.

Curtis wrote, “can’t wait to bust someone’s face up with this elbow” in his freshly inked instagram post.

As a matter of fact, the UFC fighter has one big tattoo on his right shoulder and a small one on his left. In addition to that, he has another one on his back’s top left side.

Being a tattoo lover, he is planning to get more tattoos in the coming days.

Curtis Blaydes: Family And Siblings

Curtis Blaydes was born on February 18, 1991, and grew up in Naperville, Illinois. During his childhood, he was raised by his parents, along with four other siblings.

Even though the MMA fighter’s family and siblings fully supported him, they didn’t want to come on the show. Most of the identity of Blaydes’s family has not been revealed.

However, they were always there for them and watched most of his matches.

Blaydes with his older brother 
Blaydes With His Older Brother (Sources: Twitter)

Talking about his academics, he attended De La Salle Institute for the completion of his senior year of high school.

Furthermore, after securing a full wrestling scholarship, Curtis started to take classes at Northern Illinois University, but soon after, he was transferred to Harper College.

As the starting point of his career was a bit hard, Blaydes couldn’t focus on both his studies and career, so he had to leave Harper College.

Curtis Blaydes Career 

As mentioned, Curtis Blaydes started his career in 2014. After competing on UFC fight night 86, he then went to UFC fight night 96 on October 1, 2016, fought Cody East, and won.

On February 4, 2017, Blaydes faced Adam Milstead at UFC fight night 104. He won the fight but sustained a knee injury. Unfortunately, this was declared a no-contest after he tested positive for marijuana.

Razor Winning The Match
Razor Winning The Match (Source: Torcedores)

Like this, Curtis started to participate and fight many other fighters. On November 28, 2020, at UFC on EPSN: Blaydes vs Lewis, but was again rescheduled on February 20, 2021, as Razor tested corona positive.

He then lost the fight and became a free agent after fighting out his contract; eventually,  the MMA fighter signed a four-fight deal with the UFC.

At present, at UFC fight night 222, Blaydes is scheduled to compete against Sergie Pavlovich on April 22, 2023.

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