How Many Tattoo Does Luis Diaz Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Luis Diaz is new to the tattoo game, having started to ink his body only in 2022. He has his daughter’s name, and his parents tatted on him. 

The Liverpool winger, Luis Diaz, might have taken some inspiration from his teammate Roberto Firmino when it comes to getting new inks in his body.

Luis Diaz Spotted Fresh New Inks Last Year In June While Playing For His First Club Junior FC
Luis Diaz Spotted Fresh New Inks Last Year In June While Playing For His First Club Junior FC (Source: Twitter)

The Brazillian is notoriously famous for his tattoos, and it looks like Luis might be heading the same path. The Colombian received his first set of tattoos in early 2022, and one of the tattoos should’ve been that of the Champions League Trophy. 

Since joining Liverpool, Diaz has undergone a significant transformation. He has upped his physicality for the Premier League and now looks ready to be the first name in the Liverpool lineup.

Luis Diaz New Tattoos Are A Homage To His Family 

Luis Diaz received new tattoos from a Colombian artist named Elkin Torres last year. 

In an interview, Elkin Torres gave details about his meetup with the Liverpool winger and the tattoos he made on him. 

Luis Diaz’s little brother, Roger Diaz, nicknamed Roller Diaz, connected Elkin and Luis. And it looks like Luis was quite confident his side would lift the Champions League trophy against Real Madrid. 

Luis Diaz Inked His Body With The Face Of Jesus, A Lion And A Clock In 2022
Luis Diaz Inked His Body With The Face Of Jesus, A Lion, And A Clock In 2022 (Source: Twitter)

The winger at first had requested getting the trophy tattooed on his body a few days before the final. But that plan had to be shelved after Karim Benzema thrashed the hopes of Liverpool players and fans. 

But Luis still wanted tattoos on his body. So, he linked up with Elkin in his hometown in Barranquilla, where Elkin tatted on his body for 11 hours. 

Torres made the face of Jesus Christ, a lion, and a clock on Luis’s left arm. He also wrote the names of his parents Luis Manuel Silenis Marulanda and his daughter, Roma, on his shoulders. 

On his YouTube Channel, El Universal Cartagena, Elkin has made a 4-minute video explaining the tattoos Luis received and his experience of tattooing the Premier League star. 

Luis Diaz Family Life With Wife Gera Ponce 

Luis Diaz’s wife, Gera Ponce, has been one of his biggest supporters since his days in Colombia. 

Born on July 7, 1999, Gera Ponce is a social media influencer boasting a following of 265k on Instagram. Gera has followed her husband since his days at Barranquilla to Liverpool. 

The Colombian couple’s first photos date back to 2016, with Gera coming to cheer her man in the Barranquilla stadium. 

Luis Diaz Pictured With His Wife, Gera Ponce And Their Daughter Roma Celebrating Christmas In 2022
Luis Diaz Pictured With His Wife, Gera Ponce, And Their Daughter Roma Celebrating Christmas In 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Since then, the couple has called Spain, Portugal, and England their homes and have also welcomed a beautiful angel named Roma. 

Their daughter, Roma, was born on November 5, 2021, and has since been regular in the Liverpool games. But Roma did have a chance to see her father play a few games for Porto after her birth. 

On their Instagram handle, Luis and Gera have shared several family photos, and recently Gera even posted a series of pictures celebrating their anniversary. 

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