How Many Tattoos Does Ryan Reaves Have? Their Meaning And Design

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Ryan Reaves’ tattoos have caught the attention of many hockey fans. The NHL player has several tattoos all over his body.

The Minnesota Wild right winger has inked tattoos with a deeper meaning. And the right winger has never shied off from showing the art pieces on his body. 

Most of those tattoos weren’t made out of desperation to look cool but to pay tribute to the close friends he lost.

Ryan Reaves Greets Boxing Legend, Manny Pacquiao
Ryan Reaves Greets Boxing Legend, Manny Pacquiao (Source: Instagram)

The 37-year-old NHL player and the stories of his inks are famous among his fans.

Ryan has come a long way in his career since his NHL debut in 2005. He has also played alongside Sidney Crosby during his time with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

His current team Minnesota Wild tied the series 2-2 in Game 4 of the 2023 playoffs berth against the Dallas Stars. However, Reeves hasn’t had any impressive games so far.

Ryan Reaves Tattoos Have Special Meaning

Ryan Reaves’ tattoos and designs cover his entire left arm and right arm up to the elbow.

Having this many tattoos on your body certainly draws attention and his fans are curious to know about the meanings behind those tattoos.

Reaves wears a heart on his sleeve; some tattoos are solely a tribute to his three close friends.

The professional ice hockey right winger has inked “Philly Bluntz,” the nickname for Phil Haiart.

Ryan Reaves Displays The Inking On His Left Arm.
Ryan Reaves Displays The Inking On His Left Arm (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, his tattoos feature another nickname, “T-Bone,” surrounded by water for Trevor Price.

He inked a microphone and boxing glove dangling from a locker for Bruce Oake, who was fond of boxing and competing in area rap battles.

Other Tattoos

Ryan has inked Jack Skellington with a wicked smile, a character from the animated musical film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

In an interview, Ryan revealed it was his favorite holiday movie. 

Ryan's Left Arm On Full Display As He Shows The Collection Of Tattoos.
Ryan’s Left Arm On Full Display As He Shows The Collection Of Tattoos (Source: Instagram)

There is a tattoo of a lion sitting on a throne with his crown slightly tilted. The tattoo certainly shows the competitive and fierce spirit Ryan exhibits sliding on the ice.

On his neck is a tattoo of what looks like a helm with a window in between. Besides these small tattoos, he has two big ones inked on his body.

One is of a woman dressed as a devil with angel wings on his arm, and the other one is of a girl handling the hourglass as a puppet on his back.

Ryan Reaves Family And Friend Circle 

Family and friends play a significant role in Ryan Reaves’s life. A man coming from a family with a legacy in sports, Ryan Reaves has seen many ups and downs in his professional and personal life.

Ryan was born to his parents, Willard Reaves and Brenda Reaves. His father played football at Northern Arizona University and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the Canadian Football League.

Willard joined the local sheriff service after retiring as a local legend in 1990. At present, he has focused his attention on politics and shares his political opinions on his Twitter handle

Before he even turned 18, Ryan had to go through two of the most tragic experience one could go through.

He lost one of his best friends, Price, to a minor heart attack before he turned 17.

Before he came to terms with this loss, he had to experience the loss of another close friend, Haiart, in a gang shootout.

Ryan and Jordan grew up next door to Bruce Oake, son of Steve Oake, in Winnipeg. At 25, the professional hockey player lost his friend Oake to a drug overdose on March 28, 2011.

Ryan Reaves Pictured Promoting A Drink In 2020.
Ryan Reaves Pictured Promoting A Drink In 2020 (Source: Instagram)

His brother Jordan is an aspiring football player for the Edmonton Elks of the CFL.

Despite being married, Ryan has decided to keep his married life away from the limelight.

The Wild’s right winger is rarely seen with his better half and has dedicated his Instagram handle to sharing pictures from the game day.

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  1. “On his neck is a tattoo of what looks like a helm with a window in between.” That is the logo for the Peoria Rivermen. The Rivermen were an American Hockey League affiliate of the St. Louis Blues. Reaves played 4 seasons in Peoria.


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