How Old Is LSU Star Olivia Dunne Sister Julz Dunne?- Age & Instagram

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LSU college gymnast Olivia and her older sister Julz Dunne have captivated online audiences with their unique blend of engaging content and genuine life updates. Born in 2001, the older sister of the LSU gymnast is currently 22 years old.

With a perfect balance of creativity, athleticism, and relatability, the duo has built loyal fanbases that appreciate their racy snaps and lighthearted updates.

Julz, a 22-year-old, has amassed an impressive following of over 100,000 devoted fans on popular platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Julz Dunne In Rome
Julz Dunne In Rome (Source: Instagram)

With her charismatic personality and captivating content, she has cultivated a loyal online community that eagerly awaits her updates.

As a supportive older sister, Julz played an instrumental role in catapulting her younger sibling, Olivia, to extraordinary fame.

Olivia has soared to new heights through her guidance and support, amassing an astonishing fanbase of over 11 million followers.

Hailing from Westwood, New Jersey, Julz and Olivia both share a deep connection to their roots.

They proudly represent their hometown and alma mater, Louisiana State University (LSU), where they honed their skills and created lasting memories.

Viral Pictures

In the past week, Julz delighted her followers by sharing some captivating photos from her recent vacation, igniting a wildfire of excitement that quickly spread across the internet.

Among those impressed by Julz’s stunning snapshots was Olivia, who couldn’t help but express her admiration with a simple yet supportive comment: “I like what I see.”

This heartfelt response from her younger sister further underscored the bond they share, resonating with their devoted fan base.

Photo From Julz Rome Visit
Photo From Julz Rome Visit (Source: Instagram)

This recent surge in popularity is not an isolated event for Julz, as she has previously experienced tremendous success with a batch of provocative pictures.

Her ability to consistently captivate her audience demonstrates her innate talent for creating engaging and buzz-worthy content.

Considering Olivia’s exponential growth in fame, it comes as no surprise that Julz’s own popularity is likely to follow suit.

Julz Dunne Age & Family

Julz Dunne was born on February 5, 2001, in Westwood, New Jersey, to her parents, Katherine Dunne and David Dunne. Hence Julz is 22 years of age as of 2024.

Just like Olivia, Julz also attended LSU, where she pursued her studies. Julz too often posts pictures from her glamorous life.

Julz And Olivia Dunne
Julz And Olivia Dunne (Source: Instagram)

She has been seen at festivals, sporting events, and even just posing with Livvy on Instagram.

Just like Olivia, Julz has plenty of adoring fans on social media and is labeled “an absolute icon.”

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