Ian Garry Nutritionist Richard Cullen: Is Cullen His Wife’s Ex Husband?

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Numerous rumors in the MMA community suggest that Ian Garry hired his wife’s ex-husband as his nutritionist.

The fans have dubbed Garry the next big thing in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community to come out of Ireland after Conor McGregor.

Garry married his wife Layla Anna-Lee in 2022. While their marriage has sparked countless controversies, one that stands out is his work with his wife’s ex-husband. 

Ian 'The Future' Garry, The Next McGregor?
Ian ‘The Future’ Garry, The Next McGregor? (Source: TalkSports)

Ian Machado Garry, born on November 17, 1997, is an Irish professional mixed martial artist fighting in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

Garry grew up in Portmarnock, Dublin, Ireland, where he started training as young as ten years old. He grew up idolizing Conor McGregor, who popularized MMA in Ireland. 

However, he debuted as an amateur fighter in 2017 and held a 6-1 record before finishing his amateur career in 2018. Similarly, he made his professional debut in February 2019 at the Cage Warriors. 

He won the Cage Warriors Welterweight Championship in a fight against Jack Grant. In July 2021, he signed a contract with the UFC and debuted on November 6, 2021, against Jordan Williams. 

Garry is undefeated in his UFC career and holds the record of 13 wins. He will be looking forward to his fight with Vicente Luque on December 16, 2023, at UFC 296.

Richard Cullen: Who Is The Nutritionist For Ian Garry

Ian Garry’s marriage with Layla Machado Garry was never free of controversies. While Garry marrying a much older woman bothered some, others couldn’t let go of him taking his wife’s maiden name. 

Layla had been a fan of Garry ever since she saw him win his first professional championship in 2021.

In a surprise ceremony, the couple married each other on February 26, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Richard Cullen, Garry's Nutritionist And Layla's Ex-Husband
Richard Cullen, Garry’s Nutritionist And Layla’s Ex-Husband (Source: LinkedIn)

However, yet another controversy surrounded Garry after his wife’s controversial book published in 2012 titled “How To Be A WAG” resurfaced. 

Adding fuel to the fire, the fans discovered that Garry had employed his wife’s ex-husband, Richard Cullen, as his nutritionist.

Richard met Garry’s wife, Layla, in 2013 when she was a British television presenter. The two reportedly worked together in Layla’s show as co-creators and co-writers.

In 2014, Cullen and Layla tied the knot and soon gave birth to a baby boy, Lucas. However, due to reasons unknown, the couple split after their child’s birth.

In July 2021, Cullen joined the Team Future Group as a performance nutritionist for the undefeated Garry.

Manipulative Wife Or Loving Husband?

Fans love talking about their favorite athlete’s personal lives. In this case, the fans are troubled by the relationship between Garry and his wife, Layla. 

While some believe this is the case of true love flourishing, some believe that Layla has been manipulating the Irish fighter.

Moreover, some fans have gone as far as to label Layla a predator. Referencing her book published in 2012, some fans pointed out that Garry was 15 when it came out.

Moreover, one fan pointed out on popular social media site X, formerly Twitter, the hypocrisy and the double standards at play.

Ian Garry With His Wife After A Game
Ian Garry With His Wife After A Game (Source: The Sun)

Meanwhile, the fourteen-year age difference between the couple was already troubling the fans.

Additionally, when the 26-year-old athlete decided to change his name to his wife’s maiden name, the fans scrutinized him further. 

However, Garry has explained his reasons for changing his name. He stated that the change ensured his son and stepson had the same surname. 

Nevertheless, fans refuse to believe the reason and are adamant that Layla is duping her husband, teaming up with her ex-husband, Richard Cullen.

The fans will discover the truth sooner or later, but until then, all these claims are without basis.

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