Iris Apfel Children: Did She Have Any Daughter Or Son?

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American businesswoman and fashion designer Iris Apfel lived a busy life due to her work, leading to less time for things like family and children.

Consequently, the constant traveling and brainstorming in her career made her time scarce.

American Fashion Icon Iris Apfel
American Fashion Icon Iris Apfel (Source: NBC News)

Iris Apfel was an American fashion icon who excelled in multiple fields. She excelled as a businesswoman, interior designer, fashion designer, and actress.

Collaborating with her husband, Carl, from 1950 to 1992, she had a distinguished fashion designing career. She secured a notable contract with the White House spanning nine presidencies.

Iris Apfel Children

To begin with, the fashion icon did not have any children. Iris was married to her husband, Carl.

In the summer of 1947, Iris and Carl encountered each other in Lake George, New York, where the renowned style icon and her future husband crossed paths during their vacations.

The pair exchanged wedding vows in 1948. Subsequently, they shared an enduring marital life lasting more than 60 years.

Throughout their lives, Iris and Carl started many successful businesses together. Engaging in their business ventures, the couple embarked on global travels, during which Iris acquired non-Western, artisanal clothing pieces.

However, their busy professional life meant little time for building a family. Subsequently, for this reason, Iris and Carl did not have kids.

Iris And Carl Got Married In 1948
Iris And Carl Got Married In 1948 (Source: CCAA)

Being prominent figures in the fashion industry, the couple found it challenging to carve out time for raising children.

Subsequently, their demanding professional commitments made it difficult for them to prioritize family life and have children.

Additionally, Iris revealed in an interview with The Guardian how she didn’t believe in her kids being raised by someone else.

“I don’t believe in a child having a nanny, so it wasn’t what we were going to do, but also having children is like protocol. You’re expected to. And I don’t like to be pigeonholed.”

She held a perspective that diverged from societal norms, as she did not subscribe to the belief that couples should invariably have children.

Consequently, this unconventional stance reflected her independent mindset and a rejection of traditional expectations regarding family life.

Although choosing not to have kids, Iris and Carl often surrounded their apartments and living places with vibrant stuff.

Iris mentioned they enjoyed having fun and believed in distinguishing between childishness and a childlike quality.

Moreover, they considered themselves mature in many aspects but were sad at losing a sense of wonder, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a childlike curiosity.

She Passed Away At 102 Years Old 

Unfortunately, the iconic fashion designer passed away recently at 102 years old. The news of her passing was shared with her nearly three million Instagram followers, accompanied by a photo of Apfel wearing her famous oversized round glasses. 

Subsequently, her death has been met with great sadness by the entertainment industry. Social media platforms are filled with tributes to the legendary figure.

Iris Passed Away At 102 Years Old
Iris Passed Away At 102 Years Old (Source: Vogue)

US designer Tommy Hilfiger paid homage, lauding her as a trailblazer and influential figure in textiles and fashion, destined to be remembered in history.

Undoubtedly, she leaves behind a void that will be impossible to fill in the fashion and design industry.

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