Is Austin Hill Related To Richard Childress? Family Tree

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Austin Hill is not related to Richard Childress. However, the driver races for the Richard Childress Racing team.

Diving into the racing world, we will be discussing the relation of two racers. One is a retired former racer, Richard Childress and another is the famous Austin Hill.

They are related to each other but not in a familial way. The relation is on a professional level, as we will explore more below.

NASCAR Racing Driver Austin Hill
NASCAR Racing Driver Austin Hill (Source: Instagram)

Austin Edward Hill is a 30-year-old professional race car driver specializing in stock car racing. He comes from Winston, Georgia, and has been a part of the NASCAR empire for nearly a decade.

Furthermore, Hill previously competed in the ARCA Menards Series and the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. In addition, Austin has registered multiple victories in the Xfinity Series as well.

The talented individual who started racing at the age of 6, also owned his own racing team. 

With plenty of experience in the bag now, Hill looks forward to winning his first-ever NASCAR Cup Series.

Who Is Richard Childress?

Richard Childress is a 78-year-old former race car driver who is mostly significant now as the owner of Richard Childress Racing.

Furthermore, Richard’s racing career was one to forget. The man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina never won a race, nonetheless, he proved a point that he was a man with racing brains.

RCR Owner Richard Childress
RCR Owner Richard Childress (Source: Sports Casting)

Eventually, Childress took his expertise to another aspect, as an owner. He quickly gained prominence after giving the seat to the legendary Dale Earnhardt.

Richard has accumulated loads of success being the owner of his racing team. He has won every major title multiple times, be it the NASCAR Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Craftsman Truck Series, and the ARCA Racing Series.

Moreover, for all his milestones Childress has been inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Is Austin Hill Related To Richard Childress?

To put a clear answer to this, no, Austin Hill is not related to Richard Childress in any way. However, there is another driver named Austin Dillion who is related to Richard.

Furthermore, Dillion is a NASCAR Cup Series driver and races for his grandfather’s team. His grandfather, none other than, Richard Childress of course.

So there is part of his family tree in NASCAR.

Hill And Childress Do Have A Professional Bond

However, Hill is nowhere close to Richard in a familial way. The two share a strictly professional relationship, that of an owner and a driver.

Actually, Hill is the driver for Richard Childress Racing in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. In the Cup Series, he is only on a part-time basis and races for Beard Motorsport.

Moreover, Hill and Childress have a very good professional bond. Recently it was announced that Austin would return for the 2024 season with the RCR team.

Hill And Childress
Hill And Childress (Source: The Brunswick News)

The 2023 Regular Season Champion signed a multi-year deal and extended his contract with Richard’s team.

Furthermore, the racer and the owner shared plenty of praise for each other.

Where, Hill said, “I want to thank Richard Childress and everyone at RCR and ECR Engines. I’m excited to race for wins and championships within the NASCAR Xfinity Series for years to come.”

In return, Childress stated, “Austin Hill has set a benchmark for competitiveness within the garage and has proven to be a talented racer who wants to win.”







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