Is Breanna Stewart Deaf? Hearing Impaired Rumor Explored

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There are no indications whatsoever that Breanna Stewart is deaf. Furthermore, there have been no official reports claiming that the WNBA star is hearing impaired. 

There have been widespread rumors of Stewart being hearing impaired. However, these are nothing more than rumors with no evidence supporting the athlete’s struggle with hearing.

However, in a 2017 essay in The Players’ Tribune, she revealed that she is a survivor of sexual abuse. The athlete reported the abuse to her parents, who immediately sought help from the concerned authorities. 

New York Liberty Forward Breanna Stewart
New York Liberty Forward Breanna Stewart (Source: X)

Breanna Mackenzie Stewart is a professional American basketball player who plays for the New York Liberty of the WNBA. Born on August 27, 1994, Stewart is a native of Syracuse, New York, and daughter to a single mother. 

Stewart’s love for basketball started at an early age, with her height being key in her coaches selecting her to play as a rebounder. As an eighth grader, the future star started most games for her Cicero-North Syracuse High School team.

A day after announcing her decision to join the University of Connecticut, Stewart made her first dunk of her career against Baldwinsville.

Likewise, the WNBA star achieved a milestone on January 31, 2012, scoring her 2000th point against Auburn. 

In her seven years of playing basketball as a power forward, she has received many accolades.  

She is a two-time Olympics Gold Medal Winner, two-time WNBA Champion, two-time WNBA MVP, WNBA Rookie of the Year, WNBA Scoring leader, three-time USA Basketball Athlete of the Year, and many more. 

Is Breanna Stewart Deaf? A Baseless Rumor

There are absolutely no suggestions for the WNBA superstar being deaf. Social media is filled with rumors suggesting the player might be hearing impaired. 

Despite the rumors, there has been no official announcement from the player herself. In fact, upon further research, there is no logic behind the circulation of these baseless rumors.

Breanna Stewart Comes Forward As A Victim Of Sexual Abuse
Breanna Stewart (Source: The Players Tribune)

Furthermore, there are several footage of the superstar giving interviews on TV and social media. There have never been any indications suggesting that Stewart requires a hearing aid or requires sign language. 

The 29-year-old has always seemed prompt in her responses, and there have been no signs of the player struggling to listen or respond to the interviewer.

However, she has been vocal about her encounter with sexual abuse and has been one of the forerunners of the #metoo movement. 

The New York Liberty forward courageously shared about the trauma she went through when she was molested by the husband of her maternal aunt.

Stewart was one of the first female athletes to speak her truth after the #MeToo movement was rampant on social media. 

Moreover, she has been the epitome of what a victim of sexual abuse can achieve despite all the trauma they endure.

Her story is a true inspiration for all the younger athletes out there who may have suffered just like her and who feel powerless to speak up.

Watching her thrive is a message to them that vulnerability is not the death of a career but a journey of trying to heal and an effort to live an authentic and brave life. 

Personal Life: Marriage and Motherhood

Stewart is married to a EuroLeague Spanish professional basketball player, Marta Xargay.

Xargay, a former WNBA player, is also a three-time Eurobasket champion and a silver medal winner in the Olympics and World Cup with the Spain National Team. 

Breanna Stewart With Wife Marta Xargay And Daughter Ruby After A Big Win
Breanna Stewart With Wife Marta Xargay And Daughter Ruby (Source: People’s Magazine)

The two athletes were teammates at Dynamo Kursk, where they met and started dating. After proposing to Xargay in May 2021, the couple got hitched on July 6, 2021.

The couple are mothers to a beautiful baby girl and are reportedly expecting a second child in October. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is Breanna Stewart Deaf? 

No, Breanna Stewart is not deaf. 

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