Is Corey Seager Jewish? Religion, Ethnicity And Nationality

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Corey Seager, the professional baseball shortstop, is rumored to be Jewish. However, the athlete himself has never spoken about his religion in public.

Born to his parents, Craig and Jody, as their youngest of three sons, on April 27, 1994.

During Game 2 of the American League Division Series, Seager made history with five walks in a postseason game in AL/NL history.

This remarkable moment captured thousands of heads, further fueling the curiosity regarding the athlete’s religion. We will try to decipher how the fan’s assumption of his religion started.

Corey Seager, A Professional Baseball Shortstop
Corey Seager, A Professional Baseball Shortstop (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in North Carolina, Corey attended Northwest Cabarrus High School. Later, he committed to playing baseball on a scholarship at the University of South Carolina.

Seager was selected in the first round of the 2012 MLB draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers and started playing for its minor league affiliate teams.

After a few years, the one-time World Series champion made his MLB debut on September 3, 2015, with the Dodgers.

Playing for the Los Angeles franchise, the four-time All-Star player bagged remarkable accolades, including the World Series MVP (2020).

Furthermore, on December 1, 2021, the 2-time Silver Slugger Award winner joined the Texas Rangers, signing a 10-year/$325 million deal.

Is Corey Seager Jewish? Religion, Ethnicity And Nationality

Corey Seager’s religious beliefs have not been publicly disclosed, and he has maintained a private stance on this matter.

Nevertheless, some have speculated about his potential Jewish heritage. His last name, “Seager,” which is an English variant of a Jewish occupational name derived from the Yiddish word “zeger,” meaning “sawyer.”

However, it’s important to note that assumptions about one’s religious affiliation based solely on a surname can be inaccurate.

Corey Seager With His Wife During Their Wedding
Corey Seager With His Wife During Their Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Contrary to the assumptions surrounding his religious background, Corey and his wife, Madisyn, exchanged their wedding vows that apparently followed Christian wedding traditions.

Additionally, there isn’t any strong evidence that hints at his ancestry, making it hard to pinpoint his ethnic background.

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States, Corey Seager’s nationality is American, reflecting his place of birth and citizenship.

Corey Seager Etched His Name In History

Corey Seager’s outstanding performance in Game 2 of the American League Division Series against Baltimore, where he contributed significantly to the Rangers’ 11-8 victory, stood out as he achieved a historic feat.

Seager, the Rangers’ shortstop, became the first player in the history of the American League and National League to record five walks in a single postseason game.

Manager Bruce Bochy praised Seager, stating, “He’s doing a fantastic job by not chasing pitches outside the strike zone.

He’s consistently getting on base, which is our primary objective – to get runners on base and apply pressure on the opposing team.”

Seager, hitting from the No. 2 spot in the lineup, played a pivotal role as the table-setter for the team.

His remarkable achievement of five walks occurred while facing four Orioles pitchers, all of them right-handers: Grayson Rodriguez (twice), as well as relievers Bryan Baker, Jack Flaherty, and Yennier Cano.

For Seager, this extraordinary performance was a natural extension of his usual playing style and approach.

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