NHL: Is David Pastrnak Jewish? Religion And Family Ethnicity

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‘Is David Pastrnak Jewish?’ has been a raging question by his audience, but very few know that he does not identify himself as a Jew.

David Pastrnak, also known as Pasta, is a Czech professional ice hockey player born on 25 May 1996. He is a right winger for the Boston Bruins of the National Hockey League (NHL).

David Pastrnak Stylish Look
David Pastrnak Stylish Look (Source: Instagram)

Pastrnak was selected by the Bruins in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft 2014 and made his debut that year. 

He has also played internationally for the Czech National Team at the junior as well as a senior level, which includes four World Championships.

David and his girlfriend had a son who was born on 17 June 2021. It was heart-wrenching news that he died six days later, on 23 June.

Is David Pastrnak Jewish?

Pastrnak is a Jewish surname, which makes us think that he is Jewish. However, he identifies himself as a Christian. 

He doesn’t talk about religion, but we see him celebrating Christian holidays with his family.

Rather than a photo of celebrating Hannukah, which is a Jewish festival that falls during Christmas, he has posted a photo of him celebrating Christmas.

David Pastrnak Celebrating Christmas With His Mother And Brother
David Pastrnak Celebrating Christmas With His Mother And Brother (Source: Instagram)

He posted a picture of him celebrating Christmas with his mother and his brother on Instagram, keeping the caption “Přejeme Pohodové Vánoce🎄,” which translates to “We wish you a Merry Christmas🎄.”

Parents And Family Ethnicity

David was born to Milan Pastrnak and Marcela Pastrnakova, and he has a brother named Jakub Pastrnak.

His father, Milan, was also a hockey player who passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer in 2013.

Since Milan always wanted his son to play ice hockey, David began to train hard and kept persistent in order to fulfill his father’s dream.

Marcela Pastrnakova, David’s mother, is a spirited hockey mom who, after Milan’s death, worked three jobs to buy David his gear and pay the club fees. She is also known by her nickname, “Mama Pasta.” 

David Pastrnak And Marcela Pastrnakova Spending Quality Time
David Pastrnak And Marcela Pastrnakova Spending Quality Time (Source: Instagram)

She roots for him and is happy that even after the ten-million-dollar contract, he did not change.

Marcela sees him as a happy and cheerful boy and is not worried about the money changing him. Her faith in having raised him as a decent person makes her a loving and secure mother. 

Relationship and Child

David is currently dating a Swedish-American girl named Rebecca Rohlson.

The couple is together since July 2018, which is based on David’s Instagram post, where he shared their first anniversary.

David Pastrnak With His Girlfriend Rebecca Rohlson
David Pastrnak With His Girlfriend Rebecca Rohlson (Source: Instagram)

Rebecca is from Stockholm, Sweden, but she is currently living in Boston with David. She began her career as a hostess and salesperson at Svenska Dagbladet.

She worked there for six months before leaving and joining Saljfokus Nordic AB as a sales representative.

In January 2021, they announced they were expecting their first child on Instagram. Like any parents-to-be, David and Rebecca were very excited about their first baby.

They had uploaded a gender reveal video happily announcing that they were expecting a boy.

The baby, Viggo Pastrnak, came into the world like an angel on June 17, 2021. But an unfortunate event came into the news when on June 23, 2021, David announced on Instagram that their baby had passed away after six days of being born. 

David shared his grief on Instagram with a heartfelt message:

We have an Angel watching over us, and we call him SON. You will be loved FOREVER. Please respect our privacy as we are going through these heartbreaking times.

David and Rebecca have been together for years now, and they have gone through a lot of ups and downs in life. This makes their relationship strong, and it would not be a surprise if they get married soon.

Koustuva Acharya
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