Is Evan Pryor Related To Terrelle Pryor? Are They Brothers?

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Evan Pryor is not related to the former NFL player Terrelle Pryor. Many believed them to be brothers, but that’s not the case between these two athletes. 

Evan and Terrelle are one of many cases of athletes sharing the same last name. The former Jets player, Terrelle Pryor, does have a brother, but he is older than him and works in a different field. He also happens to have a sister.

The RB Of Buckeyes Evan Pryor Pictured During A Training Session Earlier This Year
The RB Of Buckeyes Evan Pryor, Pictured During A Training Session Earlier This Year (Source: Instagram)

In Evan’s case, he seems to be the only child of his parents, but we aren’t entirely sure. There hasn’t been any mention of siblings in any articles about Evan. 

The Ohio State running back was out of the 2022 season due to an injury in his left knee. In the last few years, the youngster has suffered barrages of injuries keeping him at home. 

Is Evan Pryor Related To Terrelle Pryor? Are They Brothers?

Evan Pryor has no relation with former Cleveland Browns player Terrelle Pryor. The former Ohio State University player, Terrelle Pryor, has two siblings- Tyrone and Tamika.

Born and raised in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, Terrelle Pryor was raised by his single mother, Thomasina. His biological father, Craig, passed away at age 44 from a neurological condition. 

His surrogate father, Teddy Sarniak, passed away in 2012, six days after Craig’s demise. Craig left him and his mother when he was six.

Terrelle Pryor Tough Childhood

In an interview, Evan said it had always been him, his two siblings, and his mother. There was a time when the family couldn’t afford to live in a house. They would hop from one hotel to another. 

Thomasina would have to pick three or four jobs to raise her three kids. Thomasina was only 16 or 17 when she had her first son, Tyrone. Two years later, Terrelle came along, and four years later, Tamika. 

There was also a time when Terrelle and his family would live in their grandmother’s house. His brother Tyrone would pick up fights regularly, leading him to be kicked out of high school. 

Terrelle Pryor Pictured During A Training Session With Jacksonville Jaguars In 2019
Terrelle Pryor Pictured During A Training Session With Jacksonville Jaguars In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Terrelle previously said his brother was also a talented athlete and had received an offer from Delaware State. In 2017, Terrelle said Tyrone was working in construction and was living in Pittsburgh.

In his interview, Terrelle heavily complimented his surrogate dad, Teddy Sarniak, who took him under his wing when he was in grade five. He also saved Terrelle from falling into bad habits like selling drugs, which had become a norm in Jeannette. 

In 2010, Terrelle was suspended for selling memorabilia. He said he would do it again as he needed the money for his mother and sister, who didn’t have heat in their apartment. 

Terrelle is available on Instagram and mostly shares pictures with his son, Terrelle Jr. His sister, Tamika Pryor, works as a travel agent and is available on Instagram with the username @dink1519.

Evan Pryor Family

Evan Pryor seems to be the only child of his parents, Inid and Erik Pryor. He has kept his family matters away from social media. 

Evan’s mom, Inid Pryor, graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 1993 with a Political Science degree. She has been working in the insurance field since 2003. Her first role was as Sr. Commercial Field Claim Representative at Farmers Commercial Insurance.

Evan Pryor Parents, Inid And Erik Pryor Pictured During An Event
Evan Pryor’s Parents, Inid And Erik Pryor, Pictured During An Event (Source: Facebook)

In 2006, Inid joined Nationwide Insurance and worked there for a year before joining Travelers Insurance. Since 2021, Inid has been working as a Consumer Liability Claim Representative for Sedgwick. 

She also previously worked for Admark Graphics as an accounts receivable specialist. Evan’s father, Erik Pryor, has worked at KCI Technologies. He is available on Facebook and Instagram. 

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