Is Gracie Gold Married? Meet Boyfriend James Hernandez

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Is Gracie Gold Married?: Showcasing their flamboyant artistry on the ice, Gracie Gold and James Hernandez share a loving relationship.

The former Olympic bronze medalist Gracie Gold is one of the most recognized names in US figure skating.

Aside from the ice, she has a stable personal life with her partner, James Hernandez, leading fans to wonder if the pair are married.

American Figure Skater Gracie Gold
American Figure Skater Gracie Gold (Source: People)

Gracie Gold is an American figure skater who most notably won a bronze medal at the 2014 Olympic Games.

Additionally, she has been a part of two World Team Trophy title-winning teams.

Furthermore, Gold is the first-ever American female champion of the NHK Trophy and boasts the highest score in a short program among American women to date.

Is Gracie Gold Married?

Gracie shares a strong bond with her boyfriend, James Hernandez.

However, the couple are not yet married. James is an ice dancer, a discipline closely related to figure skating.

Sharing the same profession, the pair are a source of motivation and inspiration to each other.

Being fellow athletes, they share an understanding of the physical and emotional challenges of performance-based sports.

Moreover, their connection grows stronger as they support each other through the challenges of the competitive sports world.

Gracie Is In A Relationship But Is Not Married
Gracie Is In A Relationship But Is Not Married (Source: LA Times)

In a candid interview, Gracie talked about how she has suffered from mental health struggles in the past.

Going through a difficult phase in her career, she talked about how her boyfriend was a strong motivator.

James, her supportive partner, inspired her and instilled the belief that she could rediscover the magic she once had.

“He is just one of my number one advocates and cheerleaders. He’s such a great source of happiness and motivation for me. He is so full of life and full of energy. And he has been just such a positive force the last year and a half. But he was also a big decider in the comeback.”

Additionally, she stated how James always believed in her abilities and kept pushing her to make the return to the ice.

To summarize, the couple share a healthy and loving relationship, supporting each other in their hard times.

James Is A British Skating Sensation

James Hernandez is one of the prominent names in British skating and is a ray of hope for their future. Born on 15 October 2001, he is a native of London, United Kingdom.

He began skating at a young age and credits his sister for motivating him to pursue the sport. In his young career so far, he has achieved many distinct accolades.

To begin with, he has twice secured silver medals in the ISU Junior Grand Prix and clinched the British junior national champion title in 2021-22.

Notably, he was part of the first ice dance duo from the UK to secure a medal on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit.

James With His Dancing Partner Phebe Bekker
James With His Dancing Partner Phebe Bekker (Source: Ice Dance)

Additionally, he achieved a noteworthy top-10 finish at the 2022 World Junior Championships.

He performs with his dancing partner, Phebe Bekker, and is associated with the Guildford Figure Skating Club.

Owing to his rapid early success, many fans tip him to be the future face of British figure skating.

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