Is Harrison Ingram Related To Brandon Ingram? Family Tree

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Is Harrison Ingram Related To Brandon Ingram? Harrison Ingram, a college basketball player, is mistaken as the relative of NBL player Brandon Ingram due to their shared surname.

These basketball personalities share the same surname but have no blood relations or familial connections.

The only thing that connects them is their shared passion for sports.

Harrison Ingram Is A Rising Basketball Player
Harrison Ingram Is A Rising Basketball Player (Source: Instagram)

Harrison Ingram, born Harrison Claiborne Ingram (November 27, 2002), is a rising American college basketball player.

He plays for the North Carolina Tar Heels in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) after previously playing for Stanford Cardinal.

The 6 feet 7 inches tall sportsman started his basketball journey at St. Mark’s School of Texas in Dallas, where he was a top recruit.

Harrison led his team to a championship in high school despite COVID-19 disruptions. He earned fame as a McDonald’s All-American player.

He also represented the United States at the 2021 FIBA Under-19 World Cup, contributing to the team’s gold medal victory. 

Is Harrison Ingram Related To Brandon Ingram?

The surname Ingram has become synonymous with talent and prowess on the court.

Harrison Ingram and Brandon Ingram share this common name, but their connection extends far beyond familial ties.

Surprisingly, these remarkable basketball players are not related by blood; their shared passion for the game binds them together.

Harrison Ingram, the rising star in the basketball scene, and Brandon Ingram, a seasoned professional, showcase an uncanny resemblance in their last names.

Still, a deeper look reveals that their relationship is rooted solely in basketball.

While family trees may not intertwine, the Ingram legacy in basketball is undeniably strong.

Harrison Ingram During His Game
Harrison Ingram During His Game (Source: Instagram)

Harrison Ingram, known for his versatility and basketball IQ, has garnered attention as a young talent with immense potential.

Whether scoring, playmaking, or defending Harrison’s multifaceted abilities are a harbinger of a promising basketball career.

On the other hand, Brandon Ingram has already made a mark as a seasoned professional in the NBA.

Known for his scoring ability and versatility, Brandon has become a force to be reckoned with.

Harrison Ingram Family Tree

Harrison, the North Carolina player, is an American nationality holder born to his parents, Vera and Tyrous Ingram.

Reportedly, his parents have 17 McDonald’s franchise locations in Dallas–Fort Worth.

Likewise, the basketball player has an older brother, Will, who played for Middlebury at the NCAA Division III level.

However, he couldn’t make it to a successful career.

Harrison Ingram With His Family
Harrison Ingram With His Family (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Harrison spent his young days in his birthplace, Dallas, Texas. He is close to his family and often gets captured with them.

Also, he posts pictures of his family members on his social media accounts, showcasing their strong familial bond.

Brandon Ingram Family Tree

Brandon Ingram is a Kinston, North Carolina native. He was born to parents, Donald and Joann Ingram.

The 6 feet 8 inches tall basketball player’s father, Donald, began his career as a police officer and a local gym manager.

The celebrity father now works full-time at a welding plant, making forklifts.

Brandon Ingram Is An American Basketball Player
Brandon Ingram Is An American Basketball Player (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Brandon has two half-siblings, Donovan (an older brother) and Brittany (an older sister). He shares his father with Donovan and his mother with his sister Brittany.



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