Is Jalen Green Gay?- Leaked Video And Sexuality & Breah Hicks

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Jalen Green, the shooting guard for the Houston Rockets, is not gay. Recent speculation on social media regarding a leaked video has caused some unnecessary commotion.

It is important to clarify that Jalen Green‘s sexual orientation is a private matter, and unless he publicly expresses his own preferences, any assumptions or rumors about his sexuality should be disregarded.

Furthermore, Jalen Green’s personal life includes his relationship with social media personality and entrepreneur Breah Hicks.

Jalen Green
Jalen Green (Source: Twitter)

While the current status of their relationship may be unclear, it is inappropriate to draw conclusions about Jalen Green’s sexuality based on his dating history.

It is crucial to respect individuals’ privacy and refrain from making assumptions or spreading rumors that could harm their reputation or personal life.

Is Jalen Green Gay?- Leaked Video And Sexuality Explained

Jalen Green is straight as an arrow. However, in a video that has been shared on Reddit, Green can be seen performing a s*xual bodily gesture to Josh Christopher, a fellow Rocket.

On a Reddit thread discussing the incident, a user shared a video with a caption that reads, “Jalen Green: Freak of the Year contender.”

Though it seems like friends having fun in their private space, Reddit users have flooded the thread with comments questioning Green’s sexuality.

Jalen Green Leaked Video
Jalen Green Leaked Video (Source: Reddit)

It’s essential to remember that personal privacy and consent are crucial, and the actions displayed in the video should not be a basis for derogatory assumptions or judgment about someone’s sexual orientation.

Who Is Breah Hicks?

Jalen Green was in a public relationship with Breah Hicks. The couple made their relationship official around June 2021.

It is important to note that the current status of their relationship is unclear, as information regarding their recent dating status is not readily available.

Prior to her relationship with Jalen Green, Hicks was in a notable relationship with Christian Combs, the son of renowned rapper, entrepreneur, and mogul Sean Combs, also known as P. Diddy.

Breah Hicks, Jalen Green Girlfriend
Breah Hicks, Jalen Green’s Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Hicks and Combs were together for six years until their breakup in April 2021. Reports suggest that the split was caused by a lack of personal growth, as well as issues related to infidelity and dishonesty.

It remains uncertain how Hicks and Combs initially met, although it appears they began dating during their time in high school.

Hicks attended Notre Dame High School, while Combs attended Sierra Canyon High School.

Both schools are located in the valley area of Los Angeles, California, and are approximately 20 minutes apart.

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