Is Jeff Monken Related To Todd Monken? Are They Brothers?

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Jeff Monken is related to Todd Monken, and the two football coaches are cousins. Todd remains the only one to make it to the NFL from the Monken family. 

But who knows? He could be soon joined by his cousin Jeff Monken, the current Army head coach. Jeff and Todd come from a family with a long history in the contact sport.

Jeff Monken Pictured Earlier This Year In The Sideline During One Of Army's Game
Jeff Monken Pictured Earlier This Year In The Sideline During One Of Army’s Game (Source: Twitter)

Their fathers have three more brothers who were all football coaches. Their brothers and cousins are also football coaches, and now Todd’s son is also following in his father’s footsteps. 

Last night, Jeff Monken’s Army defeated the Navy, 17-11, and even got their hands on the Commander-in-Chief Trophy. Monken also earned a cool $125,000 bonus for winning the prestigious trophy.

Is Jeff Monken Related To Todd Monken? Are They Brothers?

Jeff Monken is related to Todd Monken. And yes, they are brothers. But they do not share the same parents. Jeff and Todd are cousins. 

Jeff Monken, the United States Military Academy coach, comes from a football family. His father, Mike Monken, coached for more than 30 years at Joliet East and Joliet Central High in Illinois.

Jeff worked as a waterboy at Joliet East and later graduated as team manager. The Army coach is a family man, and during his interview with The Athletic, Monken said family is always his number one priority. 

Jeff Monken's Brother, Tom Monken, And His Father, Mike Moken Pictured Rooting For Army
Jeff Monken’s Brother, Tom Monken, And His Father, Mike Moken, Pictured Rooting For The Army (Source: Twitter)

It is something he also tells his assistant coaches to prioritize. In his interview, Monken said, “If my parents or my brother or sister or whoever needed me, I would go. I would drop everything that was going, and I would be there.”

Jeff Monken’s younger brother, Tom Monken, recently appeared on a YouTube channel, GoBlackKnights, and talked about the family history in football.

Tom played quarterback at Illinois Wesleyan University and coached high school coach for 23 years. Jeff’s parents, Mike and Nancy Monken, always try their best to appear at Monken’s games. At this point, it has become a family ritual. 

Todd Monken Family

The Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator, Todd Monkens, has a similar upbringing to his cousin Jeff. His father, Bob Monken, was the head coach at Lake Park High for three decades. 

But by far, Todd is the one who has climbed the highest rank in his family, reaching up to the NFL. As a kid, Todd Monken would watch football films while sitting on his dad’s lap. 

During a conversation with the Ravens website, Bob Monken said his son was connected to football from the time he was born. Todd Monken has two brothers, and they both worked as football coaches. 

Todd Monken Pictured During His Time With Georgia
Todd Monken Pictured During His Time With Georgia (Source: Twitter)

One of his younger brothers, Ted Monken, worked as a coach for St. Charles East and West Chicago. Ted resigned as the head coach at West Chicago in 2018 and continued to work there as their PE teacher. 

Todd’s other younger brother, Tony Monken, was the varsity football coach at Vernon Hills for 13 seasons. He currently works as an assistant coach and also taught maths until 2018. 

In an interview with The Daily Herald in 2019, Tony talked about working closely with his youngest son, Thomas, who had transferred to Vernon Hills from Libertyville. 

Todd’s son, Travis Monken, has followed the family legacy and is a senior at Oklahoma State and is working as a student football assistant. 

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