Is Jenna Petty Related To Richard Petty? Family Tree Explored

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Jenna Petty and Richard Petty share the same last name, ‘Petty,’ leading to the assumption that they are closely related.

However, contrary to popular belief, their actual connection is distinct from what one might expect.

The only common ground between Jenna and Richard Petty lies in their affiliation with NASCAR and their involvement in the world of racing.

Racing Legend Richard Petty At Benton Convention Centre, Winston, Salem, NC
Racing Legend Richard Petty At Benton Convention Centre, Winston, Salem, NC ( Source: Instagram)

Jenna Petty, a student at High Point University in North Carolina associated with the United Methodist Church, holds multiple roles on campus.

She serves as the captain of her university’s dance team and is a member of Dance Productions – The Remix.

As a regional and national-level dancer, Jenna is also a Rising Sophomore majoring in Entrepreneurship.

Beyond her academic and dance pursuits, the North Carolina native is actively involved in the Motor Racing Outreach program in North Carolina which is a non-profit organization.

Beyond the Name: Unraveling the Non-Familial Connection

Despite sharing the last name ‘Petty,’ Jenna and Richard are not family members.

Jenna has explicitly clarified this in her Motor Racing Outreach, Inc. bio, specifically addressing the misconception that she is related to Richard ‘The King’ Petty.

Their sole connection lies in their shared affiliation with NASCAR and their involvement in the racing world.

Jenna With Her Better-Half Harrision Burton
Jenna With Her Better Half Harrison Burton ( Source: Instagram)

Richard Petty, renowned as “the King,” is a famous American former stock car racing driver, who dominated the NASCAR Grand National and Winston Cup Series from 1958 to 1992.

His achievements include being the first to secure the Cup Series championship seven times and winning an unprecedented 200 races.

In a parallel vein, Jenna is romantically involved with Harrison Burton, an American professional stock car racing driver currently competing full-time in the NASCAR Cup series.

Jenna, a racing enthusiast herself, passionately supports Harrison from the stands during his races.

Navigating the Petty Family Tree: Jenna’s Distinct Path Amidst the Racing Legacy

While Jenna and Richard share a love for racing, it is the only aspect that binds them together; they do not share familial ties despite their common surname.

Jenna, born on March 29, 2002, is the daughter of Jenifer Petty and Shohn Petty.

She is the only daughter of her parents, who tied the knot on June 19, 1999.

Shohn, originally from Kannapolis, North Carolina, resides in Huntersville and is actively engaged with Dance Productions – The Remix.

Meanwhile, Jenifer, also hailing from Kannapolis, now lives in Concord.

She pursued her education at A. L. Brown High School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professionally, she contributes her skills to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Jenna Petty With Her Parents Shoan And Jenifer.
Jenna Petty With Her Parents, Shohn And Jenifer ( Source: Instagram)

On the contrary, Richard “the King” Petty’s lineage traces back to Lee Petty and Elizabeth Petty.

His sibling, Maurice Petty, shares a familial connection with him.

In a marital union with Linda Petty, Richard is the proud parent of four children: Kyle Petty, Rebecca Petty Moffit, Sharon Farlow, and Lisa Petty Luck.

Completing the family tree are Richard’s seven grandchildren, each adding to the legacy: Adam Petty, Montgomery Petty, Davant Isley Petty, Austin Petty, Cotten Cable Petty, Kule Farlow, and Overton Ovens Petty.

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