Is Jessica Andrade Trans? Gender And Sexuality Explored

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No, Jessica Andrade is not trans. Although she has been open about her sexuality since the beginning of her UFC career, Andrade has never admitted she is trans. Instead, she is a lesbian.

Everyone knows she was once in a highly publicized relationship with her longtime girlfriend, Fernanda Gomes. In fact, she had proposed to her for marriage in the presence of a large crowd present to watch the UFC match.

This article covers more about Jessica Andrade’s life and sexual orientation. Please read it until the end to know more about the topic.

Brazilian Professional Mixed Martial Artist Jessica Andrade
Brazilian Professional Mixed Martial Artist Jessica Andrade (Source: Outsports)

Jessica Andrade is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist. Hailing from Parana, Brazil, Jessica initially played soccer and futsal, intending to become a professional soccer player.

Although she managed to get an offer to play for the Sao Paulo club in her teens, her parents forbade her to leave her native place. As a result, Jessica shifted her focus to judo and jiu-jitsu during school.

Jessica made her professional MMA debut on September 6, 2011. Two years later, she made her UFC debut, fighting against American MMA fighter Liz Carmouche.

Andrade competes in the UFC’s women’s strawweight and flyweight divisions and has already become a Strawweight division champion once. Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, she fought ten major fights in Brazil, winning eight.

In her decade-long professional MMA career, Jessica has fought 37 matches, among which she has won twenty-five.

Is Jessica Andrade Trans? 

Sexuality Explored

No, Jessica Andrade is not trans. However, she has never hidden the fact that she is a lesbian from the start of her professional MMA career.

On May 13, 2017, Jessica did something unprecedented in the UFC’s history. After losing a fight with Polish Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Andrade proposed marriage to her girlfriend, Fernanda Gomes, while still inside the cage.

Jessica Andrade And Her Former Partner Fernanda Gomes
Jessica Andrade And Her Former Partner, Fernanda Gomes (Source: Washington Blade)

Jessica said in her mother tongue, “Today, I’d like to make a special request to my girlfriend, Fernanda, who is here.”

Although the interviewer, Joe Rogan, and the crowd did not realize what she said, the on-site translator later clarified things. Moreover, the two discussed their marriage plans on the same platform.

The pair eventually married in 2019. However, as per several reports, they are no longer together.

More On Andrade’s Early Life And Family

Jessica Andrade was born to her parents, Julio and Neusa Andrade, on September 25, 1991, in Parana, Brazil.

Coming from a rural area, Jessica began working at her parents’ plantation farms at a young age. Although she went to school, she spent most of her time on farms and playing sports during leisure hours.

However, the farm was later municipalized by the government. After underaged labor was banned, Andrade started doing other jobs, including delivering medicines for drug stores and working at a fish and pay pond.

Although her interest was sports, her parents were not so supportive. Nevertheless, she started working on herself and her fighting skills while still at school, which ultimately helped her become one of the best MMA fighters.

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