Is Jim Jordan Christian Or Jewish? Religion & Race

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It’s clear as daylight that Jim Jordan practices Christianity as his religion. The Republican politician grew up believing in Christian values, which have always been his political ideology. 

The American politician, Jordan, represents Ohio’s 4th congressional district. His political career took new heights in 2006 when he won the Republic primary and has been reelected eight times. 

Jim Jordan Has Always Been Clear About His Faith And Religion
Jim Jordan Has Always Been Clear About His Faith And Religion (Source: Twitter)

But before delving into the world of politics, Jim Jordan had a rich history in sports. He was a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion while at the University of Wisconsin and later became an assistant coach at Ohio State University. 

Jordan and his friendship with former US President Donald Trump isn’t new news. Recently, Trump endorsed Jordan to become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives after Kevin McCarthy was ousted by members of his own party. 

Jim Jordan Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish?

The American politician Jim Jordan follows Christianity as his religion. As per the Wikipedia page, the republican politician is an unspecified protestant. 

Protestantism is the largest grouping of Christians in the United States, comprising 43% of the country’s population. The US has the largest Protestant population in the world, so it isn’t shocking that Jordan is also one of them. 

In a report published by Christianity Today earlier this year, they reported that Christian lawmakers are picking general labels rather than identifying a particular denomination, just like Jordan. 

Jim Jordan Pictured Shaking Hands With His Ally And Former President Of The US, Donald Trump
Jim Jordan Pictured Shaking Hands With His Ally And Former President Of The US, Donald Trump (Source: Twitter)

The report said that 20% are likely to call themselves “Unspecified/other” Protestants. In 2018, Jordan was a keynote speaker for Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Fall Dinner & Rally.

A popular political figure among Christian conservatives, Jim Jordan, has always been pro-life and has said he supports preserving “the sanctity of marriage and the family.”

Earlier this year, Jim accused the FBI of being anti-Catholic bias and targeting traditionalist Catholics for criminal investigation.

Jordan requested the FBI to hand over the document related to the internal memo, which classified “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” as a possible national security threat. FBI refused to do so. 

Jim Jordan Family Life 

Jim Jordan met his wife, Polly Jordan, through his love for wrestling. The politician was friends with her brothers, who later introduced them. 

They were teenagers when they started dating, Jim was 14, and Polly was 13. Teenage love remained faithful to each other, and they tied the knot in 1985 while they were still in college. 

The couple exchanged their vows on August 17, 1985, and have raised four kids. After their wedding and up until 2011, it was reported that Polly worked as a teacher at Graham Local School District. 

Jim Jordan Pictured With His Wife, Polly Jordan
Jim Jordan Pictured With His Wife, Polly Jordan (Source: Twitter)

Jim and Polly’s first child, Rachel, was born in 1987. She is married to Chris Salisbury, who serves in the US Army. The couple tied the knot in 2010 and have two children. 

It’s been reported that Rachel participated in track and field competitions while in high school but didn’t continue it at the college level. 

Jim’s son, Ben Jordan, remains away from the public limelight and isn’t very active on social media. Ben excelled at wrestling and won three state championships while in high school. 

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin and during his senior year ranked no.8 in the nation for the 165-pound weight class. He married Kelly Whitley in 2018, and the two have a daughter.

Jim and Polly’s third child, Jessie Jordon, was born in 1992 and is a collegiate golf player. In 2010, she was named the Southwestern Ohio Player of the Year and later enrolled at the University of Wisconsin. 

In her senior year, she transferred to the University of Iowa. Jessie married Jarrod Uthoff in 2016, who previously played in the NBA.

The youngest member of the Jordon family, Issac Jordon, is a wrestling coach at Indiana University.

In his four seasons at the University of Wisconsin, Isaac had an impressive record of 115-17. He’s a four-time NCAA All-American and two-time Big Ten Champion.

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