Is Ken Dorsey Fired? Contract, Salary And Net Worth 2023

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Is Ken Dorsey Fired? This question has been lingering among the Bills fans throughout the 2023 season. Many fans want the offensive coordinator to part ways from the franchise he joined in 2019. 

Only last year, Dorsey was promoted to OC after Brian Daboll left for the Giants. The NFL superstar Josh Allen backed him, and many believed the duo would be cooking.

Only Last Year The Bills Shared The Photo Announcing Dorsey's Promotion To Offensive Coordinator
Only Last Year, The Bills Shared The Photo Announcing Dorsey’s Promotion To Offensive Coordinator (Source: Facebook)

Their 2022 season started on a strong note, but by the end of the last season, problems had started to appear. In the ongoing season, the Bills’ offense has been one of the most talked-about matters, but not in a positive light. 

Their recent 24-18 loss to the Bengals showed that the problem is the offense rather than the defense. Despite not having starting linebacker Terrel Bernard and cornerback Christian Benford, the Bills’ defense held up well, but the offense failed to make any noise. 

So, will Ken Dorsey still be at the Bills at the end of the 2023 season? It remains a huge question mark. Fans believe he should leave, and there are signs that Allen and McDermott are starting to lose faith in him. 

Is Ken Dorsey Fired? Future Up In The Air 

The Bills’ offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey, isn’t fired and won’t be for some time. Sean McDermott has made it clear that Ken Dorsey’s position will not be taken by someone else. 

The Bills’ fans were outraged after their team’s loss against the Cincinnati Bengals. Many took to X (Formerly Twitter) to express their frustration against the offensive coordinator, who has been with the organization since 2019.

Looking at the Bills’ recent performance, it seems like the team is completely dependent upon Josh Allen to do Josh Allen things. But even he couldn’t do anything against the Bengals.

Ken Dorsey And The Bills' QB Josh Allen Pictured During The Game Earlier This Season
Ken Dorsey And The Bills’ QB Josh Allen Pictured During The Game Earlier This Season (Source: Facebook)

Unlike their defense, Bill’s offensive line is fit and healthy. Allen was instrumental in Dorsey being hired in the first place but sounded less confident after their latest loss. 

Only last year, The Ringer had a lengthy article hailing Allen and Dorsey’s partnership. They were said to be shaping the next waves of the Bills offense, but that seems to be slowly fading away. 

Too predictable and lacking creativity are a few criticisms faced by the Bills’ offense under Dorsey. The Super Bowl seems far away for the Bills, and their 2023 season might be defined by whether they fire or keep working with the OC.

Ken Dorsey Contract & Salary

Last year, Ken Dorsey was promoted to offensive coordinator after Brian Daboll exited the franchise. Dorsey was hired as a quarterbacks coach by the Bills in 2019 and immediately had a great rapport with their star quarterback, Josh Allen. 

In 2021, Bill gave additional responsibility to Dorsey, making him the passing game coordinator as well. And under him and Daboll, Allen enjoyed a breakout 2020 season. 

Dorsey’s salary details have been kept under wraps by the team. But as per NBC Sports, the average salary of an offensive coordinator is reported to be $1 million. 

Ken Dorsey Joined The Bills In 2019 As The Quarterbacks' Coach
Ken Dorsey Joined The Bills In 2019 As The Quarterbacks’ Coach (Source: Facebook)

There are variations depending on the coach’s experience and success. Seeing how successful Dorsey was in his first four seasons, it is safe to assume that he could be earning between $700,000-1,000,000.

In 2018, Josh McDaniels, the former New England Patriots coordinator, was the highest-paid coordinator. McDaniels signed a four-year $4 million contract, putting him on the same pedestal as some head coaches.

In 2021, Todd Bowles signed a three-year extension and reportedly earned $3 million. Now, he is the head coach of the side. Bowles and McDaniels have significant years of experience compared to Dorsey, which made them the highest-paid coordinators in the league. 

Ken Dorsey Net Worth 

Ken Dorsey reportedly has a net worth of $5 million. In 2003, when he began his career in the NFL as a player, Dorsey was selected by the San Francisco 49ers.

The round seven pick, Dorsey, signed a a three-year contract worth $940,250. But he was used mostly as a backup, and in 2006, he signed with the Cleveland Browns. 

In May 2006, Dorsey signed a three-year deal worth $1,985,000 with the Browns. But once again, Dorsey failed to make a significant impact on his franchise. 

In 2011, he began his coaching career with the high school football team Lakewood Ranch Mustangs and was named the offensive coordinator. In 2011, he again made his debut in the NFL. This time as a pro scout for the Panthers. 

He was brought into the coaching team under Ron Rivera in 2013 and became the quarterbacks coach. He spent five seasons with the Panthers, helping the side to a single Super Bowl appearance. But was fired in 2018 alongside offensive coordinator Mike Shula. 

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