Is Kron Gracie Related To Royce Gracie? Family Tree Explored

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Is Kron Gracie related to Royce Gracie? The fans of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters are wondering about the Gracies. 

Kron Gracie (born July 11, 1988) has made a name for himself as a Brazilian-American mixed martial artist.

He is also known for his skillset of being a submission grappler. Similarly, the Brazilian is also a black-belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and instructor.

Kron Has A Passion For Hunting
Kron Has A Passion For Hunting (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Gracie made his MMA debut in December 2014. He fought against another debutante Hyung Soo-Kim at the Real Fighting Championship.

Amazingly, the Brazilian showed his class in his debut by beating Hyung within 65 seconds. 

Gracie won the match via an armbar submission. Furthermore, he is set to face Charles Jourdain in the UFC 288 Featherweight division on May 7, 2023.

The fighter also seems to have a passion for hunting, as seen from his social media accounts. 

Is Kron Gracie Related To Royce Gracie? 

Kron and Royce, both who have contributed so much to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, are related to each other. 

The 35 year old is the son of Rickson Gracie, the brother of Royce. Hence, making Kron the nephew of Royce Gracie. 

Not only that, both of them share a similar fighting style and are equally skilled fighters. 

Hence, not only are they related, but they are blood relatives. 

Additionally, Kron and Royce both have also managed to set their foot on the mixed martial artist stage. 

Royce Gracie With Khabib
Royce Gracie With Khabib (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, Kron has often said that his uncle was an inspiration to him from a young age. 

We can also say that he followed in the family’s footsteps as not only them but the Gracie family are well known in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Furthermore, Royce was one of the original UFC members to introduce Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the United States.

He significantly contributed significantly to the growth and acceptance of the style. 

The family has benefited the martial arts world so much, especially with the style of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Kron Gracie Family Tree, Who are the Gracies? 

The Gracie family has introduced us to a number of accomplished martial artists, including Rickson, Royce, Rorion, and Relson Gracie.

Kron, like the rest of the Gracies, the sport runs through his blood. His father is the legendary Rickson Gracie, while his mother is Kim Gracie. 

Unfortunately, Kim and Rickson are not together, they got together in the 1980s and divorced in the 2000s. 

Similarly, grandmaster Helio Gracie is the grandfather of Kron Gracie.

Kron Gracie During A Match
Kron Gracie During A Match (Source: Instagram)

It can be said that the 35 year old was naturally introduced to Brazilian jiu-jitsu from a very young age.

Moreover, he also has a brother Rockson Gracie, and you don’t have to guess; he is also a fighter. 

Rockson was a professional fighter and one of the most talented and successful fighters in the world.  Unfortunately, he passed away due to an overdose in December 2000. 

On the other hand, his uncle Royce is a retired professional mixed martial artist. He is also a UFC Hall of Famer, and a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, like many in the family. 

Royce Gracie was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the nine sons of jiu-jitsu grandmaster Helio Gracie. 

Like his brother Rickson, he learned the art from his father in his early years. 

Although the Gracies seemed to be experts in the fighting field, they are not seemed to be not great in marriage. 

Royce filed for divorce in 2016 with his ex-wife Marianne. Additionally, they have three sons and a daughter.

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