Is Mary Lou Retton Jewish Or Christian? Religion And Ethnicity

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Mary Lou Retton is not Jewish; she is a devout Christian woman. With her roots tracing back to Italy, Retton has strong religious beliefs.

One of the most famous athletes in American history is Mary Lou Retton. She is a history-maker and has influenced many people through her athleticism and religious beliefs.

Moreover, Lou Retton classifies herself as nothing but a follower of Christ. She is a white woman, and her relationship with god grows closer day by day.

Gymnast Mary Lou Retton
Gymnast Mary Lou Retton (Source: Instagram)

Mary Lou Retton is a 56-year-old former gymnast who retired on September 29, 1986. She was born and raised in the populous city of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Retton grew up in a large family led by her father, who was a businessman. She was the youngest of five children.

In addition, she never graduated and transitioned quickly into athletics from high school.

Furthermore, Lou Retton became the first-ever American woman to win all-around gold in the Olympics.

Mary Lou Retton: Is She Jewish? More On Her Religion And Ethnicity

To clarify it once again, Mary Lou Retton is not Jewish. She does not come from a Jewish family.

Instead, she is an extremely dedicated Christian who has her whole life surrounded on the premise of the god Jesus Christ.

Mary Is A Christian Woman Of Italian-American Heritage
Mary Is A Christian Woman Of Italian-American Heritage (Source: USA Gymnastics)

Furthermore, Mary was raised in a catholic family and has been religious since childhood. She said, “I grew up in a very Christian home. I’ve had the Lord in my heart from a young age.”

Retton did not exclusively talk about her religion for most of her active career. However, after retirement, she became more open regarding her public image and religious beliefs.

Retton Became More Religious After Marriage

Mary Lou Retton married former quarterback Shannon Kelley back in 1990. Shannon also served as a coach for the Fairmont Falcons, California Vulcans, and Houston Baptist Huskies.

Furthermore, Mary and Shannon were also part of the young couple’s Bible study group.

The Retton Family Are Family Of Devout Christians
The Retton Family Are A Family Of Devout Christians (Source: Parade)

Her bond with her husband and the eventual birth of her children made Mary even more religious. 

Retton further clarified, “I’m a wife, I’m a mother. I’ve realized that I need to set that example more vocally, in a public way — for my daughters. And part of being a Christian is getting the word out.”

Mary divorced her husband back in 2018. Meanwhile, her daughters followed their mother’s footsteps and got into gymnastics.

Religion Is The Path Of Life, Says Lou Retton

For the former gymnast, despite all her achievements and gold medals, religion is one of the most discussed topics among her fans.

Retton confessed, “My Christianity is the core of who I am, and my relationship with God is first and foremost in my life.”

Mary Is A Member Of Fellowship Of Christian Athletes
Mary Is A Member Of The Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (Source: Google)

Furthermore, Retton explains how the Lord has always been her gateway to happiness. She might have become a celebrity after the Olympics, but her religious beliefs were always there to support her and her family.

Additionally, Mary is active as a motivational speaker under Christian Speakers 360. In addition, she is also in the group of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Mary Lou Retton: Ethnic Background

Talking about her ethnicity, Mary comes from a long line of Italian heritage.

Her family is Italian-American, and her religion is also a testament to their ethnicity.


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